A friend recently bought and old house in bad condition. The agent described the house as a fixer-upper which was certainly true, as clearly there was a lot to do on the house to make it comfortable. There is certainly something to be said for doing this sort of thing, if you are prepared to live in the house in that condition or have the luxury of being able to do it when its empty, and the results are sure to be rewarding in the end.

A fixer upper normally requires a good deal of breaking out prior to the actual renovation, resulting in more mess than one can imagine.

Other homeowners may choose to do an upgrade of part of their house, such as a new verandah, a bathroom revamp, or a kitchen upgrade. Here the building part could be isolated to that part of the house, but there is still likely to be a lot of dust, rubble, and removal of old components.

The idea to renovate is always good, as it adds value to the house and often is an upgrade of what was there before.
One of the problems is that what is in the house gets in the way when doing so and there is a particularly good chance that the actions in doing the renovation could very well damage the furniture, appliances, and other household effects during the process.
This means that the items can either be shifted to another place in the house, hopefully be protected with dust covers, or, alternately removed from the site completely.

When you Need a Self Storage Container

Protecting your household possessions during a renovation can never be guaranteed. This is because when the renovations are underway, there is one goal in sight, and that is to build. There is little regard from builders when it comes to furniture and other items that are around. Who knows they may even make use of your lovely comfortable couch during their lunch break!

Leftover food, greasy hands, splatters of cement and dust are sure to be involved in the spoilage of your possessions.

Having said this, storage container is the best option. Here there a few important things to ponder namely the safety of the items, and the type of storage container under consideration. Simply putting everything in the garage could be an option, but then it disturbs the pattern of parking of your car, which in turn puts that at risk.

What is required is a dry, safe, and controlled environment that you know your goods will come out of storage container in the end in the same condition that they went in.

Considering the options, a self storage container should come out near the top of the list. And here’s the reason:

Self Storage Benefits

Storage facilities like the new Stop & Store Kendal self storage containers are designed specifically to provide the best possible storage conditions. The impenetrable steel containers that are used for this purpose are thermally lined, thereby assuring storage conditions at ambient temperatures. This helps guard the content against adverse external weather conditions.

The self storage containers are themselves made very accessible for loading and offloading to assist the renter and make it easy to do so.

As security is one of the highest priorities when coming to storage of goods, we make sure that we have this important aspect covered.

The premises and self storage units are monitored by CCTV cameras day in and day out. It goes without saying that the premises themselves are securely fenced and access at the entrance is limited to authorized users only.

We request that you bring your own locks to secure your unit. The door provides for two sturdy locks on the heavy-duty bar that goes across the self storage container door. In this way the self storage unit is completely within your control and access only.

Pack Up and Go

Having decided to move your goods from your renovation area, we recommend that you do pack carefully for the trip. At this point it would be better to use the services of a transport provider and considering the cost of the affordable storage you will be getting from us, a little bit extra on this is wise.

Besides which, a transporter will simply arrive, pick up the goods and take them to the storage unit for you.

It may be an idea for you to be at the other end when the goods are being offloaded. The reason we say so is that you may need something in the container while your renovations are being undertaken. In this case, it’s good to know where everything is in the self storage unit.

Now you have one less headache to worry about! Self storage to the rescue!

How to Rent a Storage Unit in Kendal

When you decide to do a renovation of your house or business and you are in the South Lakes area, consider renting a self storage unit from Stop & Store Kendal. To do so is simple, you can call us or do it online. Our web address is https://www.stopandstore.co.uk/kendal/.

Having made contact please provide us with your details and date you are intending to occupy. Our rental charges are very reasonable, and there could be incentives for long term rentals, so please enquire about them.

We will use your details to complete the paperwork and once you have signed and returned it to us, you will be required to pay a one month’s rental fee plus an additional refundable £45 security deposit. On receipt, we will provide you with access, which can all be done the same day if so required.

Your monthly storage fee will be taken off your card for the following months of occupation.

Our new storage facility branch will be opening in Kendal in the new year for your storage needs. This will give you an opportunity to plan your renovation accordingly.

Stop & Store Kendal is located at the Beckside Business Park, Gatebeck, Kendal, Cumbria, LA8 0HR.

You have access from Monday to Sunday, 8 am to 6 pm.

Contact us on https://www.stopandstore.co.uk/kendal/