Have you ever wondered why people use self storage so much? After all, there are many self storage facilities spread across the UK, to be found in almost every town. It hasn’t always been like that either, with the self storage industry seeing sustained growth over the last few decades.

Well, there are a lot of good reasons for this huge demand for storage space, as these rental units supply secure storage solutions for homeowners and commercial businesses. It means that any excess goods, inventory, seasonal or recreational possessions can be securely stored somewhere offsite until needed.

Self storage units are tailor-made storage areas that come in various size configurations. The variety of sizes will differ from one storage facility to the next. This means that the customer has a choice of options and can select the right one for the load they intend to put into self storage.

Stop & Store Penrith offers storage solutions to visitors, residents, and businesses in Cumbria. Stop & Store has tried to incorporate all the top reasons for making this storage facility number one in the area.

To find out more, here are the top reasons why people use self storage.


Having a convenient place that is big enough for your needs and that is accessible when you need it is one of the first reasons why people choose self storage.

Therefore, it means that the storage facility must be accessible. Naturally, the choice of locality is crucial, being easy to reach by road and not too far from them either. It boils down to convenience. Put more simply, the customer should feel that it’s not a hassle getting to the storage unit, and access should be easy. Stop and Store Penrith is located on the A66, a route that can be reached easily from all sides of Penrith. This is a central spot strategically chosen for the convenience of our clients.

Access, however, when it comes to safety is a different matter. The keyholder of the unit is likely to be the only person with access to the premises and the storage unit. As the unit is theirs to use during the rental period, Stop & Store access protocols aim to make the visits to the self storage unit as easy as possible for authorized persons.


By entrusting a storage company with your goods, as someone going into a rental agreement, you should feel assured of the safety of your possessions in their care. For this reason, storage facilities make safety and security their number one priority.

Safety involves the security of the facility itself, ensuring that the perimeter is well-secured and maintained. Control access at entrance gates may be staffed or controlled through access pin codes allocated to those allowed to enter.

The storage units themselves and the doors that provide access are designed to be impenetrable. In the case of Stop & Store Penrith the heavy steel doors have a locking arm over the doors and space for two locks providing double protection.

Each storage company will have its safety monitoring protocols and it’s best that you ask about them when thinking about renting a self storage nearby.


The price of storage is often a pleasant surprise when renting a self storage unit. It is very affordable and based on a monthly fee. This means no large outflow of advance money is needed. Many would say that it is cheap storage, one of the cheapest forms of storage there is.

Find out about specials- they happen from time to time, and some specials may also be found for long-term storage contracts. The contracts are not onerous, meaning that if you find the storage facility isn’t what you need, or want to exit early for some reason, then there will only be a short notice period involved.

When it comes to the price it pays to talk to the storage company you are thinking of and if they are client-driven, they will understand what budget you have available.

Size Options

The aim of choosing a unit that is the right size for you is to be able to ensure that you are not wasting any money unnecessarily on space that you won’t use. By offering a range of sizes, a self storage facility will cater for the various needs of their market, allowing them to self-select the right one.

The choice of sizes is another compelling reason people choose self storage for their needs. Best to ask or check on the website of the storage facility so that you can specify when the rental is made. In this way, you will pay for what you need instead of wasting money.

Stop & Store Penrith have a choice of three sizes, all of which provide generous space for the storage solution our clients are seeking.

Uses of a Storage Unit

Interestingly, when reviewing how storage units are used, it was revealed that it’s not only about storage. With garage-like sized footage, the space is enough to work in if so required. Putting in a table as a workstation or racking for storage is possible. Users have been known to have band practice or do gym in self storage units.

These added benefits make it possible for anyone to operate out of self storage containers. Combining this feature with the affordability and convenience factors, it shows why people find self storage units so useful.

These features explain the growth and the popularity of self storage, and should you not have done a rental before, you will be pleasantly surprised when you do.

Rental is Quick and Easy

Stop & Store can guarantee fast registration, allocation, and access. Also, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service.

Making your stay with us great is our promise. So should you be thinking about a self storage rental in Cumbria, look no further than Stop & Store. We offer you all the above and more.

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