Are you lacking convenient storage space in your home? Is your home looking cluttered? Or maybe inventory and stock are mounting up and you are finding it difficult to find anything. There is a way to solve your storage problems without the hassle of long term leases and high rentals. The solution is to rent a convenient self storage unit in a secure storage facility. It means you have immediate access to your unit, a flexible arrangement that will ensure your belongings are safe for as long as you need.

Whether it’s household goods, or you need to store business inventory, your priority will be to organise safe and secure storage but also to have easy access to your goods at convenient times.

Hiring a unit at Stop & Store Fareham will ensure that you keep your goods at a secure, well managed facility.

For Business Use

For businesses that are situated in the Fareham area and that need a solution to their storage needs while keeping their stock secure and readily accessible, our convenient storage facility is well placed to help you.

Business owners who take advantage of what storage units offer soon reap the benefits. It can help many industries reduce costs and remain adaptable by being able to implement changes quickly. Self storage is much cheaper than traditional warehousing and also more flexible. It is a safe way to receive stock, store it, and then distribute it efficiently.

  1. Store Business Documents and Equipment

    Hiring a self storage unit is a great option for storing your excess office records and equipment. It is a cost effective way of ensuring that these items are safe. At the office, these records and unused office equipment often occupy expensive office space, besides it is difficult to secure them all from theft. Some of the documents may be confidential so should be kept secure from prying eyes. If you are running out of space at the office and are contemplating a move to bigger, more expensive premises, hiring a self storage unit may save you by gibing your more space, and may even save you this expensive move.

  2. Storage for Inventory and Stock

    Retail space costs can be prohibitive so placing some of your slower moving or bulky items into a storage unit can solve this problem. Your storage unit will enable you to keep these items safely until you need them again.

  3. Storage for Tools of the Trade

    You may have an owner run business where you need tools and equipment such as ladders, machines, and other items from your workshop stored. A self storage unit offers the opportunity of having your office at home, but instead of finding space for these tools and equipment in your home environment which may not be large or secure enough, keep them in a safe, convenient  storage unit where you are the only person who has access to them.

  4. Receive and Dispatch Goods

    The number of online businesses is growing, and often there is a lack of space at home to receive items, pack them up, and then dispatch them. A self storage unit can be very successfully used for this type of business. At Stop & Store Fareham we can receive deliveries on your behalf so you can use your time more productively in growing your business as you do not even have to be there for your deliveries. Add some shelving to keep your stock, a table for packing, and your unit doubles up as a very flexible workspace.

How to Rent a Self Storage Unit

Once you have decided to rent a self storage unit, you want the process to be easy. For most of the reasons listed above, you may prefer to hire a unit near to where you live or work. Check the reviews from customers to make sure that the reputation of the storage facility you are considering is to your liking.

Decide on the size of the unit you need. Our facility has a wide variety of units ranging in size from 12sq.ft. to 200sq.ft. To get some idea of what these sizes mean, have a look at the handy Space Calculator on our website. This will make your decision easier.

Reserving the unit can either mean you need to go there in person, or you can go online. Stop & Store Fareham has a simple online reservation method where you book and pay online.

We email your PIN to you, and you are able to access your unit immediately. Our office hours are 8am to 8pm for your convenience.

Moving in is made easier for you at our facility as we have trolleys and packaging materials available, so think of us as a convenient one-stop shop for your move.

The most important part of deciding which facility to use is what type of security is on offer. After all, the safety of your goods is of the utmost importance to you, and it should be to your storage facility as well. Our facility offers a state-of-the-art security system that includes CCTV that is monitored 24/7, good lighting, and secure fencing. Strict access control means that people cannot just enter at will.

We offer great flexibility when it comes to renting your unit by demanding no deposit, and the rental amount you pay includes everything, including utilities. So there are no hidden surprises which makes it much easier for you to budget.

Please contact us on 01329 556174 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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