You may have wondered if it is safe to store valuables in a self storage unit. Well, the answer is yes, but there are some do’s and don’ts that you should know about beforehand. While there may be a choice of a few places to store valuables, self storage rates as one of the safest.

Homeowners choose to use self storage for many good reasons, such as cleaning up a house, moving to a smaller place, or temporarily storing items during a move. Special care should be taken when deciding to put valuables in self storage. These items may have sentimental or monetary value or be delicate or fragile.

A storage option selected will also depend on the items being stored. Storage units come in several sizes, each one designed and priced accordingly. Small jewellery pieces will be better stored in a small space, like a safety deposit box, at a bank for example. Larger items like antique furniture pieces require much more space, so the storage location will differ accordingly.

Stop & Store Penrith offers three different-sized units to choose from. This is designed to ensure that the unit you choose is tailored to fit the load you wish to store. As each load is treated as valuable, we at Stop & Store go to extra lengths to ensure that the storage facility has the most advanced security measures too.

Here is some good advice when it comes to the storage of valuables in a self storage unit.

What Valuable Items are Suited for Self Storage?

We mentioned small valuables and suggested they would be better suited in a safety deposit box. But many items in the home that have value will be suited to storage in self storage:

  • As a collector, your collection of coins, stamps, comics, or rare items that you want to preserve.
  • Finding a storage place for expensive electronic devices, high-end audio equipment, or appliances that can’t be accommodated safely in the home.
  • Art collections like paintings, and sculptures, that have value and need protection from damage in the home environment.
  • Self storage has sufficient space to accommodate furniture, even delicate antiques that don’t fit into the home, and need to be stored elsewhere. Family heirlooms that you want to keep safely for future use are also included here.
  • Sporting gear also needs secure storage. An expensive bike, ski equipment, and the like need a place to be kept safe off-season, and what better option than self storage?
  • Band equipment is valuable and bulky, requiring a secure place of storage to safeguard it when not in use. A self storage unit is a perfect place to keep a set of instruments to ensure their safety and protection from damage.
  • The bulkiness of business documents, along with legal requirements to keep them in storage takes more and more space in the office environment. By keeping these records, legal papers, and important documents safe in self storage, more office space becomes available.

By following the correct procedures to pack and store these items you will ensure they remain in good condition. Additionally, it’s a good idea to check with the self storage facility you are going to choose to see if there are any restrictions on specific items or conditions for storage.

How to Choose a Self Storage Facility for Valuables

Before choosing a self storage facility, it is crucial to check that the one you choose is suited for the storage of your valuables. Use this checklist:

  • Check that the facility has security cameras in key locations to monitor the premises. Secure perimeter fencing and good lighting will enhance overall security.
  • Choose a facility with controlled access gates, requiring a personalised code or key card for entry. Restricted access hours also add an extra layer of security.
  • When storing items sensitive to temperature and humidity changes (like wooden furniture, electronics, or artwork), make sure the storage unit is insulated.
  • Choose a facility that is conveniently located for you. If you need frequent access to your items, proximity to your home or workplace may be important.
  • Ensure that the self storage facility has a range of unit sizes to ensure it can accommodate your valuables comfortably.
  • Check that pest control measures are in place and check the cleanliness aspects.

The Importance of Packing Correctly

Special care when packing valuables is needed. This will help preserve them when in self storage. Some of the suggested steps to follow are as follows:

  • Use strong packing materials to protect your valuables. This includes the use of bubble wrap for immediate protection, further wrapping in packing paper, and thick gauge cardboard boxes or plastic containers.
  • Special care with fragile items should be taken. Don’t load anything heavy on the boxes they are packed in. Label the box “fragile”.
  • By labelling every box and taking note of what is contained in the box, anything in the box that may be needed will be found easily.
  • When it comes to storing furniture, it is best to dismantle as much of the piece as possible. This allows you to wrap parts individually. Keep all the parts together so that they can be reassembled after storage.
  • Furniture must be covered, and the best way to do this is with furniture covers.
  • Don’t skimp on the packing tape to seal boxes. Especially important is the bottom of the box, which must be strong enough not to burst open at all.
  • Plastic bins add extra external protection and are good for stacking, whereas boxes can bend and cause the contents to be spoilt.

By following these procedures, your valuables should be safe from damage while in storage.

Packing Valuables in Self Storage.

Choose a transporter who is renowned for being careful with delicate and valuable goods. It is better to pay a specialist than risk damage in the process of uplifting your valuables and taking them to storage.

It is advisable to store valuable items at the back of the storage unit to minimise the risk of theft and damage. It may be advisable to place large, heavier items at the front for added security.

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