Are you finding that lack of space at home is cramping your style? Do you find that you just have too much stuff and nowhere to put it? Or are you considering redecorating your home, or maybe you are moving to a new home? Have you considered self storage service?

Working or Studying from Home

One of the reasons that self storage has become so popular over the last 2 years is that we have been forced to relook at how we use space in our homes during the pandemic. The way we work and live has changed and as we find ourselves getting more and more cramped in our homes we battle to find space to put things.

We have been forced to make lifestyle changes because for over a year we have been unable to work, study, or travel as before because of Covid-19. Instead of travelling into work every day, we have been required to work from home. We have needed to accommodate members of the family that we thought had left for good, for example, children moving away to university, but because of the restrictions, they have returned to live at home.  This has meant that children have had to follow their school curriculum online as schools closed down, and students have had to continue with their university education online.

This has placed pressure on our families in terms of finding space in our homes which may already have been in short supply, to keep everyone happy and productive. Creating extra space has become imperative as all members of the family need space to work or to study.

This has led us to rearrange our homes in order to find space for furniture items that are now in the way. These are items that we will most probably need again when things return to normal, so selling them is not an option. If you have decided to turn your spare bedroom into a home office area, this furniture needs to go somewhere to make way for a desk, cabinets, and electronic equipment.

If you don’t have the benefit of a garage, or attic to store your excess furniture, you will do well to consider hiring a self storage unit at our facility Stop & Store Penrith. Treat it as another room where you can store your unused belongings cost-effectively for as long or as short as you wish.  At Stop & Store Penrith we will safeguard your unused furniture at our facility until you need them again.

Decluttering before Move Day

Moving house is a stressful event in your life. There is so much to organise and coordinate. Selling your house, packing up, finding the right removal company, to looking for a new house to move to, and getting all this done while life carries on.

Selling your house can be made easier by decluttering spaces, packing up these excess goods and storing them in a self storage unit. A home that looks neat and tidy with a place for everything is much more appealing to a buyer than a house that is crammed with clutter and mess. You may even get a better price for your house.

Self storage also comes in handy if the date you need to move out of your house doesn’t coincide with when you move into your new house. You may have to store your entire household for a short while until you move, and a self storage unit is the most cost effective way of doing this.

Decorating Your Home

It is much easier for tradesmen to work in an empty space, so pack away your furniture and belongings when you redecorate or refurbish your home and get them safely out of the way. If you leave your furniture in your house, it is likely to become damaged, dusty, and dented which is not a desirable outcome.

Storage of Your Seasonal Sports and Camping Equipment

You may need a place to store this equipment safely for the months that you do not use it, and a self storage unit is the perfect place. This equipment is expensive, so it needs to be carefully packed for storage.

Whatever the reason is for you needing to hire a self storage unit, one of the most important ways of making sure that it remains undamaged while in storage is to pack it properly and carefully.

Benefits of Using a Self storage Unit at Stop & Store Penrith

  • Our storage units are constructed of steel and are fully secured with 2 locks plus a heavy duty security bar across the door.
  • Monitored CCTV cameras add to the security.
  • There is easy access to the units for loading and off-loading. We have trollies available for your use.
  • Our units, which are 2.8m by 2.07m are fully galvanized, and each one is insulated with a thermal container liner. This ensures that your goods are kept clean, dry, and an ambient temperature.
  • The technology we use means that you can secure a self-storage unit online from your mobile or tablet, pay, and we will send you your access instructions. Our aim is to keep it as simple as possible for our clients.
  • Rent a self storage unit from 1 month to as long as you need. There are no contracts or leases to sign, and we do not require a deposit.
  • We offer a secure place to store your belongings when you need long term or short term storage. Our facility is accessible seven days a week.
  • Stop & Store Penrith  is conveniently situated a short drive from Penrith, off the A66.
  • We serve the Penrith area and the surrounding towns of Keswick, Barton, Pategill and many others.
  • Please check customer reviews on our website.

Please contact us on 01768 800291 for more information or if you need a no-obligation quote. We look forward to hearing from you.