Short term storage is an extremely useful facility to have. Whether for business or as a homeowner there are occasions when the availability of a self storage unit nearby saves the day. As the sudden need for secure storage arises, there is only one option to consider: a self storage rental near you.

The fact that the rental term is designed by self storage facilities to be a month at a time provides the service that clients need. It means effectively that there is a safe place to store things in a hurry without a hefty lease obligation.

The need for short-term storage may come about as a result of an emergency or unexpected turn of events. This may be stressful at the time, and having the peace of mind that belongings can be safely stored in a self storage unit brings the reassurance needed at the time.

Stop & Store Penrith, with its choice of storage unit sizes and flexibility of offerings, provides an ideally situated location for short-term storage in Cumbria. Situated on the A66 just outside Penrith, the storage facility is within easy reach of all directions in central Cumbria.

Let’s have a look at the kind of situation in that short-term storage may be required and how it solves the problem at the time of need.

Short term Storage for Business

The situations in a business when short-term storage may be needed are diverse, but the common ones are:

  • Gearing up for a sale or ramping up stock levels for the season. As the business does its forward projections, it realises the shortage of storage capacity to accommodate all its stock. Once the sale is done, the short-term storage arrangement can be terminated.
  • The office requires extra space to accommodate temporary staff on an assignment. There could be documents or archives in the way, cluttering useful office space. These can easily be relocated to a short-term self storage rental.
  • The business decides to relocate and needs somewhere to store goods for a short-term period. In this case, self storage rentals provide the solution. The same applies if a renovation is being done and the goods need to be protected from harm during this period,
  • Short-term storage rentals in self storage units are perfect for a business staging a roadshow, exhibition, or promotion. This could also be held in an out-of-town location, as there is sure to be a self storage facility located there.
  • Online businesses are regular users of self storage units for short-term purposes, as it suits their needs when promotions like Black Friday take place and stocks and sales are elevated to new levels.

Short term Storage for Homeowners

For homeowners, the situations may involve personal circumstances, which may cause uncertainty and anxiety. Thankfully the availability of a self storage unit can save the day for them.

  • By providing temporary storage when moving, a homeowner has somewhere to safely store household possessions when doing so. This sometimes occurs when there is a time gap between occupying the new property and vacating the old.
  • Renovations can be done without worry too. Normally the household contents are in danger of being damaged by rubble, dust, or builders. Self storage saves the situation again through short-term rentals to safely store household goods out of the way.
  • Householders that need to either spruce the home up or sell or need to declutter to make space for a new family member can do so without any trouble through a short-term rental.
  • Downsizing is another application. How often, when downsizing, do we find that we have too much stuff we don’t know what to do with? Instead of having to sell the extra, simply store it. The cost is affordable, and the short-term solution will give you some breathing space.
  • Going away on a long trip? The concern that your possessions that you leave behind won’t be safe will be solved through a short-term rental.

For the Business Owner: Some Self Storage Tips

When preparing for short-term storage, business owners would want to make sure that their business runs smoothly and that there is an inventory management system that extends to the new place of storage.

  • Budget savings are realised through self storage. Being of a short-term nature, the costs are estimated per month, for the duration of the stay in the unit. This makes budgeting easy.
  • The business can make use of the space to scale up its during the promotional period. With this flexibility, there are no long-term commitments.
  • The safety aspect is important and can be covered by business insurance as an extra place of storage. It also allows for secure offsite storage where an inventory management system can be put in place to control stock.
  • Short term storage extends the possibilities for a business without being concerned about space. Offsite sites can be established around the country, promotions held seamlessly, and market trials are done without costing a lot.

For the Homeowner: Some Self Storage Tips

Homeowners have a choice of unit sizes to store their possessions in, which helps them fit the costs into their budget. Choosing a service provider by doing some research in your area, and knowing your own storage needs beforehand.

  • When making the decision, remember to reserve the unit well in advance to secure it.
  • Go about preparing your items for storage by sorting them into categories that make things easy to find later.
  • Packing boxes should be durable and of similar size to make packing simple. Label them clearly in advance so that you know what’s in them. Do an inventory list to help you later.
  • Furniture and appliances need special care when preparing for storage-follow the manufacturer’s instructions if possible. Remember to use padding copiously.
  • Arranging transport and knowing the accessibility on the other side is vital. Get the right people in to help you and don’t try and do it yourself.
  • Ask the storage facility about access, keys, and gate controls so that it’s clear before you take your load for short-term storage.

Choose Stop & Store for a Great Short Term Storage Experience

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