Many small businesses start as home-based operations, that are inspired by a good concept and an energetic entrepreneur. However, home-based businesses may start to encounter unique storage challenges as they grow. This is a result of having limited storage space and resources.

Self storage can be a real benefit to a home-based business, helping to solve some of these challenges. One of these is the limited space that a home office has. It is smaller than larger operations which normally have adequate space in commercial rented premises. As a result, for a home-based business, it becomes challenging to store inventory, supplies, and equipment effectively.

Combining home life and business also has its hurdles, including keeping the business well organised. Facing the problem of having limited space, it’s difficult to keep track of inventory, files, and other business materials.

One of the key factors in looking at a self storage rental is the proximity to the home-based business. In Penrith, the fact that Stop & Store Penrith is nearby, on the outskirts of the town makes for convenient, time-saving access.

But of course, the decision to do a self storage rental nearby should take into account several other factors, which we will highlight here:

Limiting Factors for a Home-Based Business

Providing the necessary security in the home context that a small business may require could also be lacking. Certainly, it won’t be as sophisticated as the security measures found in commercial spaces. This makes a home-based business more vulnerable to theft or damage.

  • Secondly, trying to access stored items quickly and efficiently could be challenging in a disorganised environment. This causes a drop in efficiency and wastes time searching for needed items.
  • When home-based businesses grow, they must be able to accommodate increasing inventory levels and equipment requirements. Having limited space is a big impediment to growth. Self storage will help the home-based business become scalable to accommodate growth without disrupting operations.
  • Home-based businesses often use whatever storage is available at the time, such as a basement, garage, or shed. Unfortunately, they do not provide ideal conditions for storing certain items. Temperature sensitive products or important documents that could be susceptible to moisture or be exposed to pests and could be damaged.
  • A further consideration is the regulatory environment the business is in. There could be legal or regulatory requirements that will determine how certain materials, like financial records or hazardous materials, should be stored. This could be a challenge for a home-based business needing to ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

The Freedom Self Storage Gives a Home-Based Business

Running a business from home can cause friction in the household. This is because working from home sometimes blurs the boundaries between work and personal life.  This results in work and home life becoming indistinguishable from each other, causing tension.  To overcome this, self storage helps give freedom and peace of mind for the family to carry on their lives.

  • When business related items are moved to a self storage unit, a dedicated workspace will be created at home that helps establish boundaries between work and family time.
  • Home-based businesses also will have the freedom to expand, organise, and be secure. This helps manage business assets more effectively, which in turn is a good way of contributing to improved productivity and success.
  • The act of renting self storage for a home-based business is an effective way to avoid or help resolve family conflicts that revolve around clutter, space shortages, work-life balance, and family privacy.

Self storage enables a better balance between the professional aspects of a home-based business and the personal responsibilities of having a family in the same space. The removal of many of the home-based inventory and equipment items makes space and helps create a more harmonious living environment. This in turn fosters positive interpersonal relationships with the family members.

Choosing the Right Self Storage Rental

By realising that self storage can help address these home storage challenges, the next step is to choose the right self storage facility to suit your purposes.

For the home business owner, this requires a combination of effective re-organisation ideas to make more efficient use of space. Self storage will provide the right storage solution and it is sure to satisfy the right regulatory requirements needed for the home-based business.

Here are some factors that should be considered when looking for a good self storage rental:

  • You’d want the self storage facility to be nearby. This will save time and money when going to the unit.
  • Ask about the security measures that are in place or see them for yourself. Look for surveillance cameras and assess the effectiveness of the gated access and the presence of staff.
  • Ideally you should be offered different self storage unit sizes or a variety of types of units: This will help you choose the size and type of storage units you need to accommodate your inventory, equipment, and supplies.
  • Look for thermal insulation of the units to help protect your inventory and stored goods from the outside weather conditions.
  • Operating access hours should align with your business’s schedule. Find out if there are access options that demonstrate flexibility to assist you on urgent occasions when you need to retrieve or store items outside regular business hours.
  • Cleanliness and maintenance standards will also give you an indication of the management of the storage facility. A well-cared-for storage facility is more likely to provide a safe and clean environment for storing your business assets.
  • Read online reviews and get recommendations from other business owners in your local community.

Once these factors have been considered, you will be in a better position to choose a self storage rental that meets your home-based business’s storage needs. This in turn will assure you that your business assets will be safe and accessible.

Coming out at the top of the list is sure to be Stop & Store Penrith. To book at our self storage facility, simply go online and contact us, or give us a call and speak to one of our friendly staff members. At Stop & Store Penrith, getting access is quick and easy, even the same day as you enquire.

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