Being a college student has its own set of challenges. One of these is how to look after your possessions when renting accommodation or when moving. Having a self storage facility near college could be a great help when faced with the problem of where to keep your possessions temporarily. A self storage rental for college students has proven to be a useful solution to all these storage problems.

With numerous breaks, as a college student, you may have to vacate your dormitory during these periods. This would mean finding a place to store these belongings safely.  Most college students attend university in places far from home and have chosen to move on and be independent, so keeping them at home is no longer an option.

There are several other options for storage. However, self storage benefits outweigh most of them. Some of them include storing on campus as an option, if available. However, safety is still a concern. Storing at a friend’s place may cause inconvenience and result in the good relationship being spoiled.

Ask your nearby self-storage facility for advice. In Cumbria, Stop & Store Penrith, with its range of self storage unit sizes is ideal for small and large loads that need secure storage.

Let’s look at the benefits of using a self storage rental for college students and how to prepare for storage for college students when the time comes.

When Secure and Convenient Storage is Needed

If your home is nearby, the most convenient way to store possessions over a break would be to take them there. But be aware that parents often make their own use of space when children leave home so it’s advisable to be sensitive about such things.

Finding self-storage near college is one of the most important considerations. It helps make the storage process accessible and easy to drop off or pick up belongings when needed. Do the research by asking for referrals and a quick internet search.

Don’t take the first self storage option that comes up, just because it’s the nearest. There are other factors to consider. Use this checklist to guide you.

  • Rental period flexibility will be a help to a college student who needs to tailor their storage needs to fit into their budget and the timing of the semester break. Check this aspect out.
  • College students normally have limited financial resources and cannot afford to lose any of their precious possessions. Look for bargains and special offers.
  • Self storage offers excellent storage security for the contents of their self storage units, so check out the safety aspects.
  • A further benefit is the affordable cost of self storage. A self storage rental for college students is suited to their pockets and is far cheaper than having to pay for a dorm or apartment rental to store things.
  • Self storage units come in various size options. This is a distinct benefit to a college student when looking to store the contents of a dormitory for a specific period. It means that space can be optimised, and the right fit found.
  • Self storage units can easily be shared amongst other college students, thereby reducing costs, and utilising all the space provided effectively. This could particularly apply to roommates, where the transport and storage fees can be shared effectively.
  • The thermal insulation found in a self storage unit is perfect for the preservation of the goods contained in them. It means for a college student their possessions will be safe from the outside environment and will come out as good as they went in.

Good Storage Tips for College Students

College students are advised to be careful with the way in which their possessions are prepared, packed and transported to storage.

Here are some valuable tips for college students when renting a self storage unit.

  • Peak periods in self storage are around the vacation times. With this in mind, it is advisable for college students to book a unit well in advance. Good preplanning always makes the storage experience better, so be careful not to delay making the necessary arrangements.
  • Use the guidelines above to choose a self storage unit remembering that there are many factors to consider. Check the self storage facility out either by going there or asking the right questions on the phone.
  • An inventory list is essential to keep track of what you are sending to storage. This could be required in the case of an insurance claim in the future, so be prepared.
  • Don’t store dirty clothes and kitchen utensils. By doing so you are only inviting trouble. Clothes that are wet or dirty attract mould, while pests may be attracted to the smell of leftover foods while in storage.
  • Invest in some decent packing materials like sturdy boxes and bubble wrap. The use of blankets to help protect the more delicate items is encouraged. By labeling the boxes, it will be easy to locate something that may be needed again.

Possessions that Need Special Care in Storage

There are some items that need special care when going into storage.

  • Leftover food and food generally should not go into a self storage unit because they are perishable and attract unwanted vermin.
  • Electronics require careful disconnection, packing, and transport to ensure their continued operation after being stored.
  • Furniture that is bulky should be disassembled to make handling and storage easier. Don’t forget to place the removed components and their screws in a bag that is taped to the furniture.
  • Any fragile items should be carefully wrapped and packed and can be transported separately to ensure their safety.

Communication with the Self Storage Rental Facility

We at Stop & Store Penrith are in favour of maintaining good communication with our clients. It all starts when you make first contact. Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have, and we will be pleased to assist.

We can advise on all aspects of self storage including insurance, transportation, and security. Good locks are recommended for the self storage unit’s heavy metal door, and our extended opening hours means you can access your storage unit easily.

If you are looking for a self storage rental for college students, look no further. A storage rental that will meet your needs is with Stop & Store Penrith.

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