Every business owner experiences a shortage of storage space to keep those extra supplies or equipment at some stage. Consider renting a self storage unit as a cost-effective way for a business to sort this problem out quickly.

Self storage was considered to be only for storage by householders for the safekeeping of their personal items. But increasingly, businesses are realizing the benefits of using a self storage unit for their extra storage needs. Using a self storage facility to keep these items gives the business owner peace of mind that they will be secure until such time as they are needed again. This is because reputable self storage facilities such as Stop & Store Fareham have security measures in place to ensure that those goods entrusted to them are taken care of.

Could Your Business Make Use of a Self Storage Unit?

There are many reasons why businesses need extra storage. Here are some of them.

  • Does your business need to store documents and files? Every business is required to store paperwork and even in this era where everything is stored online, there are certain legal requirements regarding the actual physical documents that need to be adhered to. In some businesses such as legal offices and accounting firms, these documents need to be stored for many years as a legal requirement. These can use up a lot of valuable space at the office.Many of these businesses solve this storage conundrum by storing the documents off-site in a self storage unit. Financially this makes sense. If you are running out of space at your present office, hiring a self storage unit to keep extra files and documents is less costly than moving to a new office.
  • A retail business requires extra storage at certain times of the season. With the change of seasons, retailers receive new stock for their stores. This seems to happen overnight as window and in-store displays need to be changed, stockrooms packed up, and the inventory needs to be packed onto shelves and display cabinets. This new inventory needs to be stored somewhere when it is received, and many retailers are discovering that a self storage unit is the perfect place to keep these items.The storage unit can be fitted out with shelving and hanging space as well as having a place for packing boxes. For the retailer, the option of a storage unit is more cost-effective than hiring expensive retail space as storage. If the storage facility is close to the retail outlet it makes it even easier as it is so easy to move between the store and the storage unit.
  • As a manufacturer there is always the problem of where to keep your raw materials. One solution is to hire warehouse space, but this is not a flexible arrangement. Hiring a warehouse means that you cannot store products for the short term as there is a need to sign a long lease, pay a large deposit, and pay utility costs over and above the rental. This makes a self storage unit a more cost-effective option, especially for those businesses which carry varying amounts of materials during the year.The flexibility of short lease periods, no large deposits, and paying for the square footage that you require are what make self storage appealing to business owners.
  • Businesses that offer services to their customers such as landscapers, painters, decorators, plumbers, electricians, and in fact any business owner that needs to store the tools of their trade safely, can make use of a self storage unit. The priority of any of these business owners is that their tools and equipment are safe from theft, so it is imperative that they have a safe place to store their stuff. Often the alternative is a garage at home, or in the back of their work van, but neither of these options offers safe storage. This is why businesses that offer these services are choosing to keep their equipment in a self storage unit as a safe alternative to other forms of storage.
  • Most businesses have office supplies such as stationery that need to be stored. Your business may also buy these office supplies in bulk in order to save money, but these take up valuable storage space which may be limited.There may also be spare office furniture such as desks and office dividers, and spare electronic equipment such as computer monitors, keyboards, printers, and other peripheral devices. These are needed as backups in case of future expansion or as spares in the case of breakages of office equipment.

    Storing them in a self storage unit will allow you easy access to what is needed. These items will not clutter up the office space unnecessarily.

  • If you are operating your business from home and it involves storing stock for delivery you will need some storage space to keep this stock. But keeping it at home may not be a good idea as it may be too bulky and will soon get in the way of your family life. Renting a storage unit for this purpose will ensure that it is stored securely, and you will be able to load up and carry out your deliveries from the storage facility.

Stop & Store Fareham for your Business Storage

Given the high cost of business premises, it makes sense to store any stock or extra furniture and equipment off-site at a self storage facility such as ours.

Our units can be rented for a short term if that is what your business requires. This is an alternative to renting warehouse space. The significant difference is that there is not a long lease to be signed, or a deposit to be paid.

Our units come in various sizes so there is sure to be one that suits your needs. If you decide you need more or less space at any time, you can change your unit accordingly.

Our self storage facility offers superior security measures including CCTV monitored 24/7, and intruder alarms and the perimeter is securely fenced.

Once you have booked and paid for your unit, you receive an individual PIN code that allows you access to the facility and your unit.

For easy, affordable, flexible self storage when you need extra storage for your business, please contact us. We are centrally situated in Thackeray Mall, Unit C on the first floor. This storage facility is well-situated to serve the business communities of Fareham, Porchester, and the surrounding areas.

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Please contact us at 01329 556 174 for more information.