As families grow and young children are born into them, caring parents want their home to provide a lot more for the family than before. Realising how vulnerable they are at a young age; safety becomes more important. Also, more space is needed to accommodate the extras that come with new children. This is when thought goes to using self storage to declutter and make space for the new additions.

Amongst the matters that concern young parents most are having a well-organised home that is comfortable and cozy. This means reconsidering the décor and the accessories that go with it to be able to make it a space where kids feel at home, are relaxed, and can play for hours on end.

Storage has a big role to play in being organised as well as in making the most of the space available. Therefore, it is sometimes a good idea to take a completely new look at what is available and remove everything that is of no use or value to the children in the space they are going to occupy.

We know too well that before children come along a spare room is normally filled with everything that isn’t used that often. Clearing the room before getting started is the best thing you can do. A self storage rental is one of the best solutions to finding the space that you need to do this.

Rentals at Stop & Store Penrith with a storage facility in Cumbria, are affordable for such purposes, and in most instances, it doesn’t pay to sell these items, as they are sure to be needed again sometime.

The Benefits of Using Self Storage to Young Families

Understanding the mindset of young parents, self storage can play a huge role in helping them achieve their goals of creating a home conducive to children. Here are some of the benefits of using self storage:

  • Clearing out the space needed is the first step. Here the decluttering of the area to make it more organised and spacious is achieved. Self storage is a perfect solution to providing the space to store possessions that are not used regularly.
  • Making space need not be limited to one event, as more children arrive, larger self storage units can be rented, or additional ones. There is no limit to the amount of space available using self storage.
  • Young parents may require temporary storage when moving home, relocating, or doing renovations. As they become upwardly mobile and their families grow, larger homes may be required. Short-term storage in a self storage unit is very helpful in these instances.
  • With many young parents in e-commerce or running a home-based business, a self storage unit rental can be part of their business plans. Secure offsite storage in the form of a storage unit rental will provide an affordable storage solution to keeping their inventory safe.
  • Young parents wishing to keep their valuables in a safe place should look no further. A self storage unit is one of the safest storage places there is. These are kept secure using their modern surveillance methods and strict access controls.
  • Those parents who have limited space but like the fancy extras, self storage is a convenient place to keep their toys, like quad bikes, ski equipment, and racing or mountain bikes.

The renting of a self-storage unit for a young family presents an opportunity to grow without having to move. Once the storage needs have been assessed, a reputable and secure facility can be chosen. Important factors in making the choice include location, unit size, and cost. In this way, young families use self storage to their advantage to simplify their lives and accommodate the family’s changing needs.

Making Space for Creative Improvements with Self Storage

Once the space has been cleared, it paves the way for your creative input to make the children’s play and living area as user-friendly as possible.

  • Children love colours. Decorate with bright walls and use a stencil to create lively images that they will identify with.  These could include their favorite TV characters, ones they know and love.
  • Improve the internal storage aspect by providing enough cupboard space as there is going to be a lot to store and the room will always need to be kept tidy. Bins for toys work well as well as shelves to store things.
  • Hard floors are not child-appropriate, but the addition of durable yet kid-friendly flooring and rugs will help make the room more comfortable.
  • Install a chalkboard for them to draw on and create their artwork.
  • Divide into play areas, like a kitchen with the appropriate child-friendly cooking utensils and consider other props like a doll house or makeup station for them to use.
  • A work table is essential with chairs that are designed for their size. This has a dual purpose of doing drawings, doing homework, or having a treat from time to time. Provide art supplies and a bulletin board for the children to pin up their work.
  • Lighting is important from the point of view of ambiance and adequate light for reading purposes.
  • Remember to have covers on the plug points to make these childproof: You wouldn’t want any shocks happening.

It is worthwhile putting time and effort into making the children’s space as user-friendly as possible. This will help keep them busy (and out of your hair), but more importantly, love their home environment and want friends to come by.

Expect the Best from Stop & Store Penrith: The Best Storage Facility in Cumbria

Young parents and their children have no boundaries when it comes to growing up as a family. A self storage facility like Stop & Store Penrith is a wise choice for storage facility in Cumbria for those living in the area.

When more space is needed, look for a storage unit rental at Stop & Store at their storage facility in Cumbria. We will keep your family’s possessions safe. As a leading storage facility in the Cumbria area, we offer three different-sized units to choose from.  As your family grows, we will help you keep everything secure.

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