As a small business owner making use of your local self storage facility when you run out of space is the perfect solution. Whether you are an established business, or just starting up, lack of space can quickly become an issue. Whether you need storage for the short term or the long term, using a self storage unit will enable you to get your business organized. It is the way to keep your products and inventory close to your customers and reduce delivery costs.

You will become more efficient in dealing with your customers. Keeping your customers happy can make the difference between a business that fails and one that thrives. Instead of trying to operate out of a disorganized, cluttered space, gain some space by renting a self storage unit. It is a cost-effective way to help with the operation of your business.

Which Types of Businesses Will Benefit Most from Self Storage?

Whether you have an established business, a side hustle that is beginning to make some money, a retiree running a one-man show, or a new business, you will reach that stage when you need extra space. Many businesses start at home and operate from the kitchen or the garage, but unfortunately, this means that as the business grows, it tends to take over. So to grow your business successfully, you need that extra space to keep your stock, inventory, and paperwork to stay organized.

  • Home-based Businesses

    Most small businesses begin at home, but you may not have extra space to store your inventory, work equipment, or tools of your trade. A self storage unit will give you extra space to keep these safely. Choosing a self storage facility nearby will also mean that you stay local and close to home, cutting down on travel expenses.

  • On-line Businesses

    Do you have an e-commerce business selling products online? You will soon need a place to store your stock and inventory. A self storage unit will give you a secure place to store your merchandise until you are ready to ship it to your clients. With the superior security systems at a facility such as Stop & Store Fareham, you can be sure that your products and packaging will be kept safely.

  • Contracting Businesses

    Are you a plumber, an electrician, or a decorator, or do you own a garden service? Do you fix appliances? Service providers need somewhere to keep their tools and machinery safely as it is not always practical to keep them at home. A self storage unit is perfect for this purpose. You can add a work table or shelving to keep these items organized and easily accessible at any time.

  • Do you sell clothing or other goods at markets?

    You need a place to keep your merchandise as well as your table, chairs, gazebo, rails, shelves, and anything else you use to display your goods at the market. You need space to keep your new stock when it arrives. A self storage unit is a safe place to keep all these goods and have them easily accessible for those days when you need them.

  • Small retail businesses

    If you have a small retail store you probably don’t have space to keep all your inventory on-site. You will no doubt have excess stock, sale items, decorations that are only needed for specific events, and those items needed for promotions. Keeping this off-site in a self storage unit until it is needed will make it easy for you to keep your shop looking perfect with your inventory on perfect display.

What Are the Cost Benefits for Small Businesses?

  • Having the extra space means that you can store extra inventory or equipment that you do not need all the time. You can take advantage of buying large amounts of stock when the price is low and keeping it safe until you wish to sell it.
  • When you need to decrease the size of your unit if you don’t need the full space any longer, it is easy to downsize to a smaller unit. The same applies if you need to upsize your unit. You have control over the size of the unit you need, and the length of time you keep it for. This flexibility is of great benefit to a small business.
  • Renting a self storage unit is more cost-effective than leasing or purchasing a commercial space in a large warehouse. You are not tied into a long lease on a fixed amount of space.
  • Keeping inventory close to your customer base will save you time and money. Using a facility that is easily accessible by road and that is close to your primary office will help with your bottom line.
  • Keep those supplies or equipment that you do not have space for at home or your office in your self storage unit. This way you keep everything organized and in one place, making it much easier when you need to find something for a customer.

Using Stop & Store Self Storage Fareham to Benefit Your Small Business

At Stop & Store Fareham we offer a storage solution for your growing business.

  • A priority of any business owner is to ensure that their goods are stored in a secure environment. Our self storage facility is fully secured with monitored CCTV and intruder alarms and our units are individually alarmed, so you can rest assured that your inventory and stock are in safe hands.
  • We offer units from 12 sq ft to 200 sq ft, depending on how much stock you need to store. They are safe, dry, and pest controlled to keep your goods free from damage.
  • We can help you whether you need storage space for one month or much longer. There are no hidden costs as all utility costs are included in your rental.
  • So when you need an easy storage solution to some of the storage problems you may encounter at your business, try Stop & Store Fareham.
  • We are open 7 days a week, from 8 am to 8 pm.
  • Please check our website for customer feedback.

We are located in the centre of town in the Fareham Shopping Centre, which makes it an ideal location to store your business items. You will have easy access to load and offload your goods.

Tel: 01329 556174. Please contact us if you need more information.