Those of you with babies and toddlers know that parenting them can be an exciting time filled with adventures and new experiences every day. It is also a challenging time as kids of this age are completely dependent on you to meet all their needs. Kids are constantly on the move exploring their environment, and it is the parent’s responsibility to keep them safe from injury. Their home environment needs to be kept free from items that may cause injury and harm. So besides keeping a watchful eye on them while they play and explore, it makes sense to take any steps to ensure that their surroundings are as safe as possible.

To protect your young children means baby-proofing your home. This is where self storage can help. It is a place where you can keep those belongings that may prove dangerous to little ones. It means that your home can remain uncluttered. Your goods will be stored safely off-site until you need them again. You will be able to keep your home organised while making it as safe as possible for your young family.

How Does Self Storage Work?

Self storage offers a wide range of benefits to young families. Instead of cramming those items that you deem unsafe for a young child into a room or a garage in your house making that room unusable, think about renting a self storage unit in a facility nearby where you could keep these items until you feel you can bring them home again.

Most storage facilities offer a range of unit sizes, so decide which items you need to pack up for storage. Contact the storage facility for advice on the size of the unit that would suit you.

In case you are concerned about security, your belongings will be safe in a storage unit. At our facility Stop & Store Fareham we offer superior security measures to protect our clients’ precious belongings while they are in our care. So, you can rest assured that whatever you store with us will be safe.

Make Space for Your Growing Family Using Self Storage

The birth of a new baby is an exciting time for a family. The first thing to do is to organise your home to accommodate the new baby. You will no doubt wish to prepare a nursery where you will keep the baby paraphernalia in one place. Something that never ceases to amaze us is how can there be so much stuff needed for such a small human being. A cot, changing station, pram, stroller, and feeding chair, and that is before the clothes, nappies, bedding, and of course toys and books, that are considered the basics needed for your new addition. Your home may begin to look and feel cluttered. After all, there is only a certain amount of space in any home.

If your living space feels as though it is getting smaller, it is worth keeping in mind that it is not only about the size of your home but what is inside it. Making more space for your expanding family may seem impossible, but renting a self storage unit can help solve this space problem.

  • Clearing out a spare room when preparing your nursery is the obvious thing to do, but what if you do not wish to get rid of the contents of this room? You may need them again in the future, so rather than selling or donating them, place them in a self storage unit.
  • Newborns grow quickly, and before you know it they become toddlers, and there is another newborn in the family. Their clothes and toys soon become too small but instead of giving these up due to a lack of space, keep them in your self storage unit. They will soon be needed by a younger sibling.
  • Young kids love playing outdoors. This means toys like bikes, paddling pools, and other playing equipment which will keep them happily busy for hours. This is great until the weather changes and they no longer spend as much time outdoors, so these items need to be kept somewhere. A self storage unit is great for keeping seasonal items safe for the few months that they are not needed. In fact, you can store your seasonal items there too, such as your camping equipment, sporting gear, and even those Christmas decorations that are only used for a few weeks of the year. Think of your self storage unit as an extension of your home where you can store any item that is not currently in use.
  • A self storage unit is an ideal place to store those items from your baby’s nursery such as cots, prams, and changing stations when they are no longer in use. You may need them in the future, or you may want to hand them down to family and friends at a later stage.
  • Moving to a new home while you have small children is not for the faint-hearted. Packing boxes, organizing the move, and then unpacking at your new address is a stressful enough process even without children. Taking those boxes that you will not need immediately and keeping them in your storage unit will allow you to take your time packing up. You only need to take the essentials to the new house and settle in. Then you can fetch the rest of your boxes when you are ready and unpack them at leisure.

Stop & Store Fareham

If you have young children and you are faced with a shortage of space at home, consider hiring one of our self storage units.

  • The security of your goods is our top priority. We have 24-hour monitored CCTV, a fully fenced perimeter, with limited access.
  • We don’t tie you into long contracts so whether you need long-term or short-term storage, we can assist you.
  • Our storage units vary in size, so whether you need to store a few items or a household of furniture you are sure to find the right sized one to suit you.
  • Please read customers’ reviews on our website.

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