Short term storage normally means storing things somewhere for a month or two. It’s an interim solution for keeping stuff safe when the circumstances demand it. While there are several storage solutions available, self storage always seems to come out top. This is because there are many benefits to choosing this storage solution over others.

But why would you need short term storage in the first place? The most common one is when moving and you need to keep some possessions safely somewhere. Or you are doing renovations at home, and you are concerned your furniture and appliances will be damaged, so you store them somewhere to get them out of the way.

You could be a college student, needing to store the contents of your dorm over vacation time. Whatever the occasion, security, and convenience normally rise to the top of considerations when looking for a place to keep your possessions for a short while.

At Stop & Store Penrith in Cumbria, we have both short term and long term tenants. In some cases, a short term rental may turn into a long term rental when people realise that renting a self storage unit is an affordable storage option, and it suits their needs in the circumstances they are in.

Let’s first look at all the storage options available before we tell you why self storage has the most benefits.

Looking for a Short Term Storage Solution?

When looking for a short term storage solution, contact several storage providers or individuals offering storage spaces in your area and discuss your specific needs. Be sure to inquire about security measures, insurance options, and access hours when choosing a storage solution.

  • Self storage is a popular storage solution. You can choose a storage unit in various size options, offered on a month-to-month rental basis.  They have excellent security features, accessibility, and convenience if they are nearby.
  • Full-service storage solutions are another option. The company will pick up your items, store them, and return them to you when you need them again. This costs more than self storage but is very convenient.
  • Family or friends with extra garage space where you can store your possessions for the month is another option. This option is often the most cost-effective, but it depends on your network and their willingness to accommodate your request.
  • Container rentals in the form of portable storage containers that can be delivered to your door, are another. They are loaded with your possessions and stored at the rental company’s facility.
  • Outdoor storage options, such as parking your items in a secured outdoor area or using an open storage yard are a further storage option. It is not, however, suitable for all types of belongings.

Making the Self Storage Choice

When seeking short term storage, the ideal storage location should be a self storage unit nearby.  However, there are a few other important factors to take into consideration.

  • Convenience is mostly determined by the proximity of the self storage facility to you.  This will save you time and transportation costs. Also, you must be able to access your possessions easily.
  • For the safety of your goods, the storage facility you choose should have good security measures in place.
  • Choose the size of storage unit you need based on the volume of goods you’re storing. Choose a unit that allows for easy access and organisation.
  • Check the operating hours and align them with your schedule so that you can access your items when needed.
  • Research the storage facility by reading reviews to get feedback about the company.
  • Understand issues around the length of the rental period and any termination requirements. Ensure that it fits in with your short term needs.
  • When calling assess the level of customer service provided by the facility. Friendly and helpful staff can make your storage experience more pleasant and efficient.

All these issues help make an informed decision when choosing a nearby self storage facility for your short term storage needs. Naturally, if you have the time to visit the storage facility and check all these issues yourself, it will help you see it firsthand.

Benefits of Self Storage for Short Term Storage

Choosing self storage for short term storage offers several benefits:

  • Short term implies that you wouldn’t want to get tied up into an onerous lease, but rather have an arrangement that allows you to pick up your goods again when it suits you. Self storage rental terms normally run for a month at a time with a short notice period. This is a big benefit as it doesn’t tie you down.
  • Security is a big feature, and a good self storage facility will have the most up-to-date security measures in place.
  • A further benefit to you is the option to choose a size unit that fits the load you intend to store. This flexibility saves money as you don’t waste space.
  • The storage unit is insulated, which protects the goods inside from the weather conditions.
  • With self storage, you can choose a facility near your current location or destination, making it easy to access your items when needed.
  • Renting a self storage unit can prevent all possibilities of you getting entangled in any unhappy situations with family or friends because of you using their place for storage.

Having the ideal storage option may cost you something, but for a short term solution, self storage is undoubtedly the safest and best option to choose.

Make the Right Choice

Whatever your reason may be for having to store goods, finding a short term solution should take all the issues of safety, convenience, and access into account. Once you have decided which option to choose and have decided on a self storage rental, make the right choice, and choose Stop & Store Penrith.

Positioned near the town, conveniently situated off the A66, the friendly staff will guide you should you need some advice on which of the three unit sizes to choose.

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