Are you looking to start an online business, or want to find ways to streamline your existing online business?

With many facets to an online business, the storage and delivery of your products is one of the most crucial. Before you look any further, its essential to investigate the merits of using self-storage units as part of your business.

Self-storage companies like ourselves at Stop & Store Fareham are geared to provide you with the best option for the storage and distribution of orders for online businesses.

While it may not be possible to conduct your whole online business from the storage unit it will certainly free up space and make your distribution activities look much more professional this way.

Think of the extra space at home with no deliveries or collections from there anymore!

Stop & Store, Fareham has a wide variety of space options with “specials” on offer for new customers.

Here are the advantages of considering self-storage:

Re-look at your business overheads

A lot of things have changed recently. Landlords are feeling the downturn in the economy too and have to find ways to make their office space more attractive. One way is to offer smaller spaces for downsized or new businesses. This is done by subdividing larger areas which are now empty.

It’s a good time to shop around for space. But don’t be fooled. Signing a lease can be a noose around your neck, as it’s a large overhead to carry when the economy is uncertain.

So, it’s a good idea to look at all the options. The advantages of self-storage over traditional building rentals are many, and all in your favour.

Let’s look at them:

  • No need for long leases: your contract is month to month
  • They are robustly designed and ideal for storage.
  • There is no deposit that needs to be paid.
  • Pay monthly, and get a prorate if you are moving in during the month
  • You only need to give two weeks’ notice if you want to vacate.

Benefits of Self Storage for Your Online Business.

With a s many as 85 000 new online businesses launched in the last six months, and online sales now over 20% of total retail sales, online marketing has entered a new era. If you are working from home as many are doing these days, it will be necessary to separate your home life and business. Keep your business model straightforward and easy to administer. Self-storage for your distribution offers the following:

  • We give you a pin to enter the premises, and you will be the only key holder.
  • Access is seven days a week, 24 hours a day. You come and go as you need.
  • Safety and security are guaranteed through CCTV monitoring.
  • Choose any size unit from 12 sq. ft to 200 sq. ft. This allows great flexibility.
  • Should you need to upgrade or downgrade with seasonal demand fluctuations, you can.
  • Easy access and great central position for incoming deliveries or collections by couriers.

Consider Stop & Store Fareham as your partner in business to ensure the distribution of orders is done efficiently. The safe, dry storage of goods, secure environment, easy access, and extremely reasonable rates are all a good reason why you should choose self-storage with us.

Look for Great Deals

Many online marketers would be wrestling with the problem of where to store and how to distribute their orders efficiently. While first option may have been to enter a long term lease or to empty out the garage to do this, there is a far better option.

Don’t be tempted by all kinds of offers by desperate landlords trying to fill their empty premises that are offered for lease. They have many tricks up their sleeves that could deceive you.

Self-storage Fareham is offering great transparent deals that you should seriously look at. Self-storage is a far more economic deal and will be far better for your business.

No Security Deposit

Money tied up in a deposit is cash flow out of your business that can be better used for marketing or stock.

Landlords ask for deposit equivalent to a month or two’s rental equivalent usually, or possibly a letter of credit or a personal guarantee.

No deposit is required with self-storage. What a great benefit this is to help give you the kickstart you need. Just pay month by month, away you go! Stop & Store prorate your charge if you move in during the month too.

Don’t you think this is the perfect solution?

Read the Fine Print

Self-storage contracts are easy to read. You don’t need a solicitor.

Building leases on the other hand have lots of legal jargon and there are escalation clauses, personal liabilities, termination clauses, electrical and water connections, and other potential hurdles that need to be considered.

The hiring of self-storage space is in your favour: only two weeks’ notice is applicable reducing risk altogether.

We at Shop and Store, are on your side, give great service and are committed to making your storage requirements hassle-free.

Choose Your Landlord with Care

Shop and Store is handily situated in Fareham Shopping Centre. It’s a well-respected and dependable business.

When considering any options, you may have to take a good look at your landlord and check him out. The economic downturn has affected many landlords recently. They are going to be holding your deposit or personal guarantee. Research them through their customer reviews, do a credit check, be aware that they may have other commitments you don’t know about.

Or you can just keep it simple by choosing the safe option for now with self-storage and not to have any worries at night.

Final Thoughts 

Self-storage is a great option, and many are using units for their storage and distribution. Clients come and go with ease, taking time to receive deliveries, pack stock, bring clients to see their displays, and distributing through their courier service

This is a good time to take up a self-storage for your business.

In addition, there are always deals offered by Stop & Store Fareham, allowing you to start up and grow your business.