As online businesses have mushroomed in the last year due to restrictions imposed due to the Covid pandemic on normal retail operations, we have experienced some of these using self-storage facilities as a ‘warehouse’ to hold and distribute their stock. This is a flexible option when it comes to the storage and distribution side of your online business. Storage Units in Clacton

Starting out an online business requires some decision making, including where you will be storing and dispatching your stock. Most people do not have space at home, either in their houses, or own the luxury of a large enough garage to operate from home. One alternative is to hire space in a warehouse, but this entails a long-term lease as well as a large cash deposit which could affect cash flow, so this isn’t always an attractive option.

The smart option that could work well for you is to hire a self storage unit. Self storage units are a flexible option to accommodate your business because of the way they operate in terms of security of your goods, no deposits required as you are not locked into a long-term rental agreement, and you can change the size of your unit if and when you need to.

Without efficient storage and distribution, you will struggle to grow your online business. The best online businesses take customers’ money when they place the order, and to make sure their customers are happy, they must pack these goods and deliver them quickly. That means stock must be packed and ready for collection by a courier company to ensure the customer receives their order as soon as possible.

When using a self-storage facility such as Stop & Store Clacton, you are assured of a safe and efficient way of storing and distributing your products. Keeping merchandise securely and getting it out to your customers’ needs to be a safe, cost effective and efficient operation. We are convinced that using a self-storage unit is the best option to achieve this.

What Sort of Commercial Customers Use Self-Storage?

  • There is growth in the use of self-storage for online businesses in order to store their stock and this is a trend that’s likely grow as the economy continues to be affected by the pandemic.
  • Receive, store, pack, and dispatch orders daily from your self-storage for shipping to your customers. Use platforms such as Amazon and eBay as marketing channels and keep your overheads low to maximize your profits by choosing to operate from a low-cost storage unit instead of traditional high-cost methods, such as warehousing.
  • Many professionals such as accountants and solicitors are required by law to keep their documents for up to six years. Self-storage is a popular, cost-effective option for the storage of official company documents instead of them taking up expensive office space.
  • Office and warehouse space is expensive so renting a self-storage unit makes economic sense. You could even save more money by downsizing into a smaller office and paying less for rental, insurance, and utilities.
  • You can have a national footprint with only one self-storage distribution center. As more people start to buy online all you need is an efficient courier to distribute your products.
  • If you already are in a retail environment and have a self-storage facility nearby, follow leading business owners that use them to hold their stock in a self- storage unit near to their business. Reduce the burden of high rent by downsizing at retail level and then using the cheaper option of storing in a facility nearby.
  • Self-storage is particularly useful for entrepreneurs and tradesmen who are a one-man operation, or who run a small business. Work tools and equipment as well as parts for repairs or installations can be kept securely and be available when needed in a self-storage unit.

Being organized in a storage unit is easy to do. The three sides of the unit can be used for shelving and by utilizing the height will enable you to stack products or boxes. Interlocking shelving is best and can be placed against the walls. While occupiers can’t drill into the walls, there are enough designs of free-standing shelving that could work for you.

There is sufficient space in the bigger unit to put a work table down the middle to use for packing, etc. As the business expands some entrepreneurs hire the unit next door and separate the storage part from the operational aspect, working in one unit and keeping stock in the other.

Stop & Store Clacton: A Good Option

Our self-storage facility is well situated in Clacton for you to use as a place to store and distribute your business stock.

  • Signing up for one of our self-storage units is easy and can be done remotely. Through our CCTV system we can link you up virtually to facilitate viewing online.
  • Signing up and payment is also done online. When you have booked and paid, you are given an access pin number to your unit. This allows you entry from 8am to 8pm, 7 days a week.
  • There is no contract and just 2 weeks’ notice is required when you decide to vacate.
  • We even assist you if you join during the month and charge you a prorate.
  • We do both short- and long-term leases, so you can stay for as long as you need to.
  • We don’t require a deposit which is a bonus for your cash flow.
  • We always try to make our self-storage units cost-effective and sometimes offer deals on our website see for any special offers.
  • The security of your goods is our primary concern. This is guaranteed by means of our up-to-date security systems, 24/7 monitored CCTV and intruder alarms.
  • Unit sizes vary from 12 sq. ft to 200 sq. ft, and you can upsize or downsize as and when you need to. This is great for start-ups or even expanding businesses.
  • Most importantly, the storage units are completely free of moisture and pests. This is an essential requirement for good storage conditions.
  • We offer low-cost storage units for households, business, and students in Clacton and the surrounding areas.

Please contact us at Clacton Phone Number 01255 446174  for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.