There is no end to the creativity of mankind. New ideas seem to pop up every day as motivated people find new ways to do different things. When this happens in business, it’s a sign of the development of innovative products that results in continued growth. Creativity shouldn’t be stunted by lack of space either. It’s not unexpected to find that the extra space offered by self storage is often in the mix helping support this growth.

As a result, there are surprising and interesting uses for self storage rentals besides just for furniture, appliances, and clothes. As the public and business have come to discover, the security aspect, coupled with the affordable storage prices nearby, are two big plus factors in considering a self storage rental.

In addition to this, the storage unit size in most cases is well suited to the application of new innovative idea, particularly where there is a range of sizes on offer.

At Stop & Store Penrith three options are available, all of which can fit a sizable load into an insulated lockable self storage container.

Creativity in business is inspired by the desire to transform the company and its products into more exciting and advanced products, better marketing, and service excellence. Creativity does, however, need a few mindsets to be in place.

Creativity at home shows no bounds either, with the lack of space never being a deterrent to what can be done.

When Space at Home is Limited

A few examples of some creative uses of a self storage rental will provide a good idea of what can be done in this secure space. This year could be filled with new ideas, and resolutions. These could be about fitness, and new small business, a hobby activity, a craft, or long forgotten art talent.

  • Take the band to self storage

    Thinking of starting a band? Or tired of the neighbours complaining about the noise of your band at home? Have the sessions in an insulated environment, its temperature regulated and private, and a prefect place to have practice sessions.

  • Develop the prototype in a self storage unit

    With enough space to move around, including some height for racking of supplies, and even a workbench in the middle, a self storage unit is an ideal place to develop your new business idea. Simply lock up and go at the end of the day, your new business has its own space.

  • Peace and quiet for artistic talent

    With no interruptions, and an environment where its possible to have complete focus and concentration, the inside of a self storage unit is the answer. The dry conditions and space for racking for your completed artworks are what is needed to create a perfect art studio.

  • Use a self storage unit for exercise

    Its surprising how many people do this. Many relocate their home gym or invite a few others to exercise classes in the self storage unit. Everything is safe and no one can interrupt or disturb the exercise of the day.

What it shows is the availability of this type of space, which provides a cheap storage space in the area and what it can do to help realize dreams and ideas.

Getting Ideas For Business

In the business sense innovating involves more people, where a team of like-minded goal-oriented staff can do wonders if all are aligned and committed to the vision. By getting out there and seeing what the world has to offer, traveling to shows and conferences and networking with similar people a lot will be learnt.

New products and services come from new ideas, their success comes from good marketing, which means that promotion in every possible way needs to be done. Having a positive approach to this is crucial.

  • Have an open mind

    The world is changing all the time, with talking points in the media and new ideas coming onto the market. Marketing is a fluid medium that needs constant focus in order to stay ahead. Reading and staying up to date with trends is very important.

  • Open doors for others

    As there is no telling where the big idea will come from, best give everyone on the team a chance to contribute. The only way this works is by opening the doors and lowering the barriers so that all your staff have an equal chance to come up with one.

    Brainstorming and regular communication make this possible, but at the same time a positive environment that fosters creativity and encourages an entrepreneurial spirit is ideal for building success.

  • Listen to customers

    Never forget the importance of the opinions of customers. As the ones that ultimately are the ones that put the food on the table, what they think and say is very relevant to the direction the business should take.

  • Create a vibrant, enthusiastic team

    In the office environment, best create an open-minded approach to teamwork, providing space for interactive meetings and recreation, holding team events, and ensuring that everyone’s contribution is worthy.

    By doing so, the creative juices will flow, innovation will blossom, and the company will grow.

Storage Rentals Are Convenient

As a space rental, self storage is one of the most convenient. Not only is it likely to be nearby, but also it is affordable. As the sole key holder access is limited to a single person who can come and go as they please.

The location of Stop & Store Penrith allows for easy access from all directions and is on the A66 as short distance from the town.

If any further information is required, please ask us for advice.

In the event of your home storage or business storage ideas and innovations coming to fruition, which it is hoped that they do, we can get you into a self storage rental at very short notice.

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