Being a University or College student nowadays is not an easy life. When class routines are interrupted and social distancing the order of the day, all the fun seems to go out of being a student. Besides the fact that student life is not what it used to be, the living patterns of a student have become uncertain, with many adaptations to a dorm or home living having to be made.

Whether you have become a remote learner or are waiting for university to normalize, it’s likely that you will have to make certain changes to your living arrangements, even if they are only on a temporary basis.

Let’s look at some of the challenges faced at this time and how they can be handled effectively so that as a student you will be able to focus on the job of learning without life being unnecessarily interrupted.

We at Stop & Store Fareham are here to provide you with some useful tips on how to sort out your dorm living or how to make your temporary return to home living as hassle-free as possible while at the same time being able to maximize your use of your time, lifestyle and freedom while studying.

Your University Dorm, What Now? Student Storage

Many students will tell you that dorm or apartment living offers the freedom and independence that they never had when they were living at home. It is fun fitting out the new living space for the first time especially buying furniture and appliances for the new accommodation unit.

Having to move out was never considered prior to the pandemic. In the event of having to do so, the following steps are advised.

If you are moving home, there won’t be space to take all your furniture back with you. We suggest you pack everything you don’t need at home into boxes, label them clearly and put them into a self-storage unit.

In this way, you can leave your dorm clean and you don’t have to worry about what could happen to your possessions when left unattended.

At Stop & Store Fareham, we have a very convenient range of storage unit sizes, from 12 sq feet to 200 sq feet. This allows you to use the exact amount of space you need for the possessions you are needing to store. In the case of a student, a storage unit is especially convenient, as this allows you to keep your goods near to your campus, so that they are easily accessible to you when you need them again.

If you don’t know what size unit to choose, simply log on to our space calculator at which will help you calculate the size unit you need. If you need any further help, please don’t hesitate to call our office.

If you have an apartment with a lease, be sure to check with your landlord if you can sublease it or get out of the lease because of these unusual circumstances.

  • When packing up bigger items including shelving, furniture, and appliances, be sure to take everything apart in a way that you can put it all together again with the least fuss. Mark everything and store electrical accessories separately, take pictures to record where the wires connect to the appliance and mark them clearly.
  • Advise everyone that needs to know of your change of address, and get your utilities disconnected at a set date and arrange for the return of your deposits.
  • Clean and return the apartment in the condition you found it, so that you can also get your deposit back. This includes dirty marks on walls, fixing broken windows, and giving the unit a deep clean so that it smells and looks perfect when the handover inspection takes place.

Moving back Home: Some Key Pointers

While still having to do your studies, the whole university vibe will have changed, and you will have had to adapt to the new way of doing things. And so, it is with your accommodation.

Moving back home could be difficult, and so it is wise to follow a few pointers to make your life easier:

  • Find your own spot to study. A dedicated quiet place that can be converted into a study area is the best. Do your work here according to your own timetable. When you are done for the day, get up and do something else. You will get into a work routine this way.
  • Discuss issues like money, paying your way and how long you are likely to be staying so that they can also plan for themselves. Remember they are used to being on a budget and having their own lives, just like you.
  • Stay in touch with your friends but be sure not to impose them onto your parents, rather meet offsite and have virtual meetings with them.
  • As this is a temporary stay, make do with what furniture and appliances are available at home, keeping your site free of clutter and mess. Do your part cleaning as well.

Your social life will take a back seat, but you will enjoy being in the company of your parents again. Be careful not to take the washing of clothes and dishes for granted, and to ensure a harmonious relationship we suggest you bring your part with the cooking duties. Student Storage

In this way, your folks will enjoy having you and see you as a visitor while you are trying to get your studies done under difficult circumstances.

Knowing that your possessions are safe while you are in this interim phase will give you peace of mind.

Our friendly team is on standby to assist you when you need self-storage. You can even view and choose the unit online: booking can take place electronically after you have done your online viewing.

When you need to move in, we provide you with your access to the unit. Your possessions are completely safe, and security is monitored through our up-to-date CCTV system. We are on-site 12 hours a day during office hours, and you have access 24/7.

Just take time to arrange a time to visit, view or call us to book a unit when you require self storage. Student Storage

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