When tasked with the responsibility of having to look after electronic equipment, it’s not a simple matter of packing everything in a box and closing the storeroom door after you. Many businesses, rightly, are concerned about their preservation and security. After all, electronics have high value, and are sought after. Self Storage Penrith

The problem faced by the business is where to store its electronics. These could be machines waiting for installation, or excess or redundant equipment that still has value and needs to be stored. This is where self storage is one of the best solutions there could be.

However, in the process of making your choice of self-storage facility, it is imperative to choose the right one and ask some pointed questions beforehand.

At Stop & Store Penrith we have a facility that is ideally suited for storing sensitive business electronics. The highly secure facility meets every requirement there is, which is what you’d expect from a top self storage Company.

Therefore, we encourage you to ask the right questions. Before you do, lets talk about getting your electronics ready for storage.

Tips To Store Electronics

There is one elementary rule when you store electronics. Keep like with like, and don’t mix things up. This means that by grouping electronics together, you’ll be able to find what you need when you unpack. If there are specific chargers or adapters that go with the electronic appliance, be sure to put them all in the same box, and don’t mix them up.

This particularly applies to the cables that go with the appliance. Always keep the cable with the electronic appliance and do so by attaching it with a masking tape or elastic band.

The tip here is to be organized and think about the consequences of having to scratch around for parts later in order to make the appliance work again. If the connections are complicated and you need to remember which wire goes into which socket, just take a picture to make life easier for yourself.

Packing your Electronics

Before you pack your electronics for storage, get them into a state where no battery leakages can occur. This entails removing the batteries before you pack and store them.

It’s always best to use the original packaging and it is custom made to fit your appliance. If this is not possible find a sturdy cardboard box, just bigger in size that your appliance and wrap it securely in bubble wrap. Seal and label the box so that you can locate it easily in future.

The fact that self storage units are dry and in the case of Stop & Store in Penrith, have insulated walls to keep the interior at ambient temperature, both of these factors are great for storage of electronics.

How Do You Check if Your Electronics Will be Secure?

Security is the one of the main reasons you would choose a self storage unit to store your electronics. So, how do you check if the storage facility you have in mind is genuinely secure?

  • Is the Self Storage Unit Secure?

It’s not a simple matter of enquiring form the self storage company if they have security in place as none of them will tell you that they are not. Instead ask about access control, CCTV monitoring, perimeter fencing and the manner in which self storage units are secured.

At Stop & Store Penrith we have extreme security measures, our impenetrable steel containers are secured with a heavy-duty bar across the door, with two locks.

  • Are the Prices Transparent?

You need to know that what is quoted is what is charged, as you don’t want a surprise when the deduction at month end differs from what you expect.

At Stop & Store we quote you on a monthly basis. One flat charge. We could surprise you with a discount if you ask us if there are any special deals. There could be an incentive when you store for longer periods.

  • Location

It’s a good idea to know exactly where the storage facility is located and what sort of access there is. It’s no good if the storage unit you choose if miles away from where you are, as you never know when you’d need to collect something from it. The same goes with the operating hours so that you can access your self-storage unit at a time that fits into your schedule.

Renting a self storage unit when you need space for your electronics is the way to go. It offers security, privacy and climatic conditions that do not allow for wild temperature swings that could affect your electronic equipment.

Remember to ask the right questions before you proceed just to be sure that you have chosen the right self storage company. Stop & Store have a great track record and are proud of their customer centered approach to storage.

Quick Occupation, Easy Renting: Self Storage is the No-Fuss way to Store

Often when you decide to get a self storage unit you need it quickly. This is one of the beauties of self storage. It’s quick and easy. Easy to rent, you can do it online without leaving the comfort of your couch. Or you can do it on the phone. There is no need to come to the storage facility, but if you want to see our premises, you are welcome.

Secondly, it can be a same day occupation if you are in a hurry: after making the application, we complete the paperwork, you sign electronically, make a payment and we give you access. Just that quick!

The other great thing about Stop & Store is its convenient location: It’s a short drive out form the town of Penrith on the A66, which is easily accessible to all. If you are looking for storage in Cumbria or coming to North Lakes and need to store anything, including your electronics, then look no further than Stop & Store Penrith.

Give us a call on 01768 800291 or locate us on https://www.stopandstore.co.uk/penrith-storage/.