In an era where technology appears to be taking over every aspect of our lives, it seems that the humble book has managed to stand firm within our homes. Although e-readers are a great alternative, it seems that nothing can beat the feel, smell and look of a hardback or paperback book proudly displayed on your coffee table, bookshelf or bedside table. Whether your preference is for fiction, non-fiction, maps, academic literature or first editions, if you find yourself running out of space at home, a self storage unit at Stop and Store Storage Fareham could be the home you’ve been looking for to protect your beloved books.

The Avid Reader

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If you have been collecting books since childhood, you could have amassed hundreds of books by adulthood. With every bookshelf, table and cupboard full to bursting, you may be under pressure to sell your books or donate them to charity. Books can hold great sentimental value to the reader, especially books read at particular times of your life, and letting go of these copies can be unthinkable.

Rather than downsize your collection, any books that are unlikely to be re-read in the near future could be transferred to a cheap storage facility such as Stop and Store in Fareham. Our household storage units are clean and dry, making them the ideal solution to storing large numbers of books. There’s no need to worry about humidity damaging your collection, and there’s no risk of damage due to sunlight, either.

Units are monitored with CCTV and intruder alarm you can be sure that your books will be in safe hands. If you need to retrieve a book urgently, our storage rooms can be accessed seven days a week from our convenient location in Fareham Shopping Centre.

The Book Seller

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If you sell books from a local book or gift shop in Porchester, Stubbington or Wickham, you may require a second location to store excess books. There may be times when you are carrying more stock than you can store on your premises, and having the option of using a budget storage facility for niche, or seasonal, stock can help free up your shelves to make it easier for customers to browse without clutter.

If you have set up an online shop, it may have been manageable to keep your stock at home at first. But as your business has grown, you may have started to tire of books taking over every room in your house. Being able to store books locally can help make your home feel less cluttered. The beauty of business storage is that you can still access the books seven days a week if you need to post a book out to a customer unexpectedly.

How to Store your Books

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At Stop and Store, our storage units can be seen as a blank canvas. With storage rooms varying from 12 to 200 square feet in size, you can arrange your books depending on how often you might need to access them.

You may wish to place your books into sturdy, clear plastic storage boxes or crates so that books are kept free from dust and protected from accidental damage. It is advisable to place the books into the box flat or resting on their tail with the spines visible. This way the binding of the book is protected whilst the title and author of the book remain visible. This makes it much easier to find the book you need more quickly and helps to guarantee that the book will remain in the same condition throughout its time in storage.

If you prefer, you could set up your own bookshelves or shelving units within your self storage unit and arrange your books however you prefer. Retrieving a book couldn’t be easier; simply visit your secure storage and pick the book you want straight off the shelf, just as you would at home. You could even set up your own reading nook with an armchair if you want to escape the world and enjoy some peace for a while.

Cataloguing Your Collection

Many of us have a system for organising our book collections. From the classic method of alphabetical by the author’s surname to colour coding by the shade of the spine, you’ll know which method works for you. As you place your books into your self storage unit, it can be helpful to write a list, or draw a plan, of each box so that you can easily lay your hands on the book you need when you return to the storage facility.

Specialist or Rare Books

Some books will require extra care, either for emotional reasons or because of the age or condition of the book. Books of high value, whether emotional or financial, may require a fresh jacket or protective sleeve to preserve the cover and pages within. Place the heaviest books towards the bottom of the storage box and try to store similarly sized books together. Ensure the plastic lid is securely fastened to fully protect your books.

Budget Storage for Peace of Mind

Whilst you might worry about the cost of a storage rental, at Stop and Store Storage Fareham we offer a range of affordable storage with no deposit to pay. There’s no long term commitment and our contracts roll month to month giving you flexibility. Even better, if you book three months storage we can offer it for half the standard price in many cases.

Don’t rely on your garage or loft for additional book storage. Whilst these might seem like convenient locations, the reality is that your books could become damaged if not stored correctly. A damp garage could lead to curled pages within your book collection and can also allow mildew and mould to grow. Seeing your favourite book looking stained or weakened can be very disheartening. Garages can also be home to insects and small rodents who can be attracted to the leather or glue within a book, or the paper for nest building.

Lofts suffer with humidity in the summer, and can be cold, damp places in the winter. Pristine looking books that enter a loft can unfortunately end up in an unrecognisable state. It is not worth risking the condition of your favourite books when they could be stored safely on your doorstep in Fareham.

Units for Storage Fareham

If you are ready to move your book collection from your home or book shop, talk to Stop and Store today. We make it easy to store your books, with excellent customer service from the moment you contact us.

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