It’s the New Year, your decorations need to be taken down and what better place than to store your Christmas dec’s in self storage. Since many of these décor pieces can hold sentimental significance, you should take care to package them appropriately.

To ensure that these things are safe and ready for you in next December, think about storing them in your self storage unit. These are better ways to make sure that things will be stored safely and in good shape for the next time, even though you might be tempted to jam them into boxes and bags and throw them up in the attic.

Many of us start the new year feeling optimistic. We set our typical New Year’s resolutions, hoping this year will turn out better than the prior. Now is the perfect moment to set goals and decide to transform both your house and workplace for the better.

Additionally, organising your living areas, cabinets, attic, and garage might be one such resolution. Now is the ideal moment to arrange your home’s decluttering and get sorted for the new year. Stop & Store Runcorn can help store the items that are not required all year round and provide a solution where to temporary hide them.

Tips on Storing Your Christmas Decorations

  • Most individuals will agree that packing those string lights is the most difficult task. In addition to being delicate and easily broken, they appear to tangle up in a matter of minutes. Detangling them and then wrapping them around a piece of cardboard is the simplest approach to make sure they don’t become ruined or knotted while being stored. This suggestion holds true for bead strands and streamers as well. Put them in a plastic box after giving them a thorough wrapping. To avoid any breakages, use extra bubble wrap cushioning. Those light bulbs are brittle and readily break.
  • To avoid any possible harm to the smaller, more fragile decorations and decor, store your larger, heavier ornaments and pieces in a different box.
  • To store smaller, more delicate goods, use egg boxes; make sure to mark each box so you know where everything is kept.
  • Gently store your artificial tree in a plastic bag or, if it’s still in its original box, in that.

Get Ready for the New Year

To get ready for the new year, tidy and organise other areas of your home. Add these items to your Christmas collection in your self storage unit if you find that you have nowhere in your house to store them.

  • Start by going through your cabinets and getting rid of any old clothes, linens, and bedding. If these are in decent shape, you can sell them online or bundle them up to donate to your neighbourhood thrift or charity store. You may have seasonal apparel items that you still need, which you may store in your self storage unit with ease. This will create space for any new items you buy or presents you got during the holidays.
  • Your room might be overflowing with toys, and your youngster probably received an increasing number of items for Christmas. Toys that your child may have outgrown should be packed away now. Give these toys to a charitable organisation; there is always a child out there who would enjoy them tremendously. You can pack up and store any toys you want to retain in your flat.
  • As you work on decluttering, go through your mail and take care of anything that is necessary. You can recycle your newspapers and magazines and give your old books to a good cause. As a result, your bookshelf will have room for any new books that you get as gifts.
  • Eliminate products that you never seem to use from your pantry and kitchen shelves, as well as any that are over their expiration date.

Your home will feel instantly more organised, neat, and tidy just by packing up your Christmas decorations and getting rid of any old items that are taking up space. The best part is that you don’t need to put in a lot of work to get this outcome. You may start the new year with keeping your house tidy, one of your resolutions, in just a day or two.

Crack on with your New Years Resolution!

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