Have you ever had the urge to get out of town, switch off your mobile and travel to a place where it is just you and nature? The rigors of life and the constant feeling of being on a treadmill that the daily grind produces often makes us think this way. If this sounds familiar, then you are in good company.

Luckily there comes a time of the year when you can make it happen. Christmas is a fun time for all but celebrating it away from home makes it even more enjoyable, especially when you are in beautiful surroundings.

The diverse nature experience that the Cumbria offers makes this area one of the most popular spots to visit. Yet, its depth of offerings across the picturesque Eden Valley still makes for that important aspect you are looking for: privacy, and a chance to bond with nature. The majestic Pennines and the Lake District combine to offer a variety of hiking options and water activities.

Stop & Store Penrith is located in this beautiful area, close to the town of Penrith, which is packed with social activities, shopping experiences, and thriving businesses. Our storage facility, located handily on the A66 just a stone’s throw from the town is very well positioned for those in those businesses as well as private people on holiday or living in the surrounding area.

So, if you are thinking of breaking away why not take a trip our way and give the area a chance to revitalize your spirits.

How Can Self Storage Help You?

While a lot of focus is on the beauty and activities available in the North lakes area of Cumbria, the town of Penrith also deserves some of your time as on its own it has a host of attractions to offer. Take time to explore the many small shops on foot through the cobbled lanes.

The community is very business focused, with an entrepreneurial flair pervading the area. This makes for a wide range of attractions. There are wonderful places to eat, nice pubs with a vibey atmosphere, and there is no shortage of entertainment at from theatre to cinemas.

Be warned, when you find out what there is to do, the family will be so absorbed they are likely not to want to leave too soon. So come prepared for a visit longer than you would have first imagined.

What we are saying is that come prepared, bring your holiday toys with you can make this place your holiday home. This is where we recommend self storage: don’t stress about where to put your bikes, boat and all the other paraphernalia you have with you.

Can I Rent Short Term?

The availability of a self storage facility in Penrith such as Stop & Store adds a whole new dimension to your holiday freedom. Now that you are aware that you can find a self storage unit in Penrith, you holiday worries are over. Half the time you may have been thinking where you would be able to store all your holiday accessories. After all there is no space for all of them at the B&B, and besides their safety will not be guaranteed.

The other important thing about self storage is the short-term rental period that the storage facility offers rental is month to month. This means that you are not tied up into a contract that inconveniences you unnecessarily.

If you need self storage of a month, that’s fine. If you hire a self storage unit at Stop & Store for a longer period, don’t forget to enquire about discounts that may apply for longer periods. You may find Penrith and the North Lakes area so appealing that you would want to stay for much longer. In that case: Welcome!

Are My Items Going to be Secure?

Security is our main concern at Stop & Store’s storage facility. Not only is access controlled and the facility securely fenced, but the units themselves are double protected to keep their contents safe. CCTV cameras scan the premises all the time, and the units themselves are secure inside a building.

Not only that, but the heavy gauge steel doors of your unit are secured by means of an steel bar with space for a double lock.

When all these benefits are put together, the choice of storage for your holiday possessions has only one obvious answer: self storage with Stop & Store.

When You Need to Rent a Storage Unit

Having decided to rent a self storage unit on your trip to the North Lakes, the proximity of the Stop & Store storage facility also makes the decision to hire a self storage unit easy. We are situated just outside the town of Penrith, on the A66.

The next step is extremely easy: booking a storage unit. This can be done from the comfort of your home. Just go online and make the enquiry. Send us your details and we will prepare a contract. Once you have signed and returned it to us, we take payment and we will give you access. Our low-cost storage and friendly staff will be what is sure to make you delighted with our offering.

No deposit is required, and you let us know how long you need the self storage unit for.

Give us a call today for a no obligation quotation on 01768 800291 or find us at https://www.stopandstore.co.uk/penrith-storage/