We’ve all been in the position of feeling overwhelmed by the furniture and possessions taking over our homes, and it’s common to not know where to store the excess. The loft is full, the garage is damp, and the shed is too small. When it comes to storing large items including rugs and furniture, a cheap storage unit could be exactly what you need to make space at home without any stress or hassle. Stop and Store Fareham Storage can help keep those precious items safe for when you choose to enjoy them again.

Storage Solutions

There are many reasons for wanting to store rugs or large items of furniture, and finding somewhere to store them safely needn’t be a problem. Large items are often expensive or valuable, and even though they do not suit your current home or circumstances you may still want to keep hold of them for future use.

A hand woven, ornate rug may not be suitable for family life when you have young children, but once you can be more confident that the rug won’t get damaged by spillages or muddy shoes, you may have grand plans to re-instate it in your living room. An antique wardrobe may be too delicate for use in a toddler’s bedroom, but will be a beautiful statement piece once your child reaches their teenage years.

Storing your precious items at Stop and Store storage Fareham may be the ideal solution. Our staff can help you with every step of storing your items, including items that need extra care to ensure they remain pristine.

How to Store Rugs

Large rug in lounge room

Whether you want to store one rug or several, you want to be sure that your rug comes out of the storage space in the same condition that it went in. The best way to ensure this is to take great care when packing it up ready to place in storage.

Before you even think about rolling the rug, make sure it is thoroughly cleaned and dried as necessary. Rolling the rug tightly will not only mean that it takes up less space in your personal storage room, but will protect its overall condition, too. You will need to think about protective wrapping for the rug, such as plastic sheeting, to protect it during transport and whilst it is in storage. We recommend storing rugs off the ground to allow air to circulate. Pallets or shelving units can be useful for elevating rugs off the ground. All of our storage units are clean and dry, making them the ideal location for storing rugs.

Access to Storage

Yellow storage units

Once in storage, it is prudent to periodically unroll and check the condition of your rug. At Stop and Store Storage Fareham, our storage facility in Fareham Shopping Centre is open seven days a week, making it easy for you to check on your items in storage. Stop and Store is equipped with monitored CCTV and intruder alarms, so you can be sure that even the most valuable rug is safe with us.

Large Items of Furniture

Two couches in living room

There will be times when you want to find somewhere to store larger items of furniture, such as wardrobes, chests, tables, bed frames or mattresses. Whether valuable or budget items, it makes sense to hold onto large pieces if you think you will have a use for them in the future. Knowing where to put them can be a trickier matter, however.

Passing a wardrobe into the loft can be impossible, and you may not want to store an antique chest of drawers in a rickety old garage. Having a secure storage space close to Gosport and Stubbington means you can easily store larger items without dismantling them or worrying about the damp conditions in your garage. We offer monthly rolling contracts, so when you are ready to reinstate the item in your house, you won’t need to worry about ongoing payments.


Four students carrying items from housing

If you have a son or daughter who is leaving for university, you may wish to pack up and store their bedroom furniture until they either return home or move into an unfurnished house or flat of their own. Storage is an affordable option for storing items that you know your child will need again in the future, without the inconvenience of additional furniture cluttering up your own home.

Seasonal Items

Halloween decorations and candles

There are some items that we only need once a year, but will use over and over again for the rest of our lives. The obvious examples are the boxes of Christmas decorations, lights and even the artificial tree that can begin to feel like part of the family. With Christmas becoming a bigger festival every year, it’s not surprising that many people have started to look for storage solutions for their ever-growing collection of decorations. Large outdoor lights can be difficult to store at home, but can easily be placed into storage for the other 11 months of the year.

Summer items can also be hard to store during the other half of the year. Garden furniture, including tables, chairs, parasols and chimineas can all take up a lot of space in the garden shed, or may even be too large to fit. Leaving furniture out all year round can reduce its lifespan and leave it looking past its best by the time the following summer arrives. Storing furniture safely in a household storage unit means your items will look just as good as they did the summer before.

Outdoor Pursuits

Various sporting equipment

Sports gear can take up a significant amount of space in the loft, and the protective bags and cases can suffer from damp or even mould if left there for a long time. Whether you are into surfboarding, snowboarding, skiing or windsurfing, storing your beloved kit somewhere safe can give you peace of mind until the next time you can get out onto the ski slopes or ocean.

Moving Supplies

bubble wrap and moving supplies

Whether you are moving small or large items, it is important to protect fragile items or furniture that may become damaged during transportation. At Stop and Store Storage Fareham, we can advise on packing materials such as packing paper and bubble wrap to protect the corners of furniture or smaller sections of an item such as handles or feet.

Booking A Budget Storage Unit

Book with Stop and Store online today to start making more space within your home. There’s no reservation fee, and you can choose the correct sized unit for your items from 12 to 200 square foot units, meaning you’ll never have to pay for more space than you need.

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