While garages are designed as a parking area for cars, it is amazing how much extra space there is in a garage for storage of other things. That’s if everything is stored in a proper way. The trouble often is that these other things are normally stored in a haphazard way, and so the extra space is not used efficiently. While the car or cars parked in the garage may take the majority of the space, three walls and a high roof of a garage offer a lot of potential for extra storage space when packed properly.

We at Stop & Store Fareham have different kinds of customers: The drop and run customers, who arrive and offload their goods, close the door when finished and the next time we see them is when they collect them again or the ones that meticulously store their possessions in an organized way.

It’s the meticulous customers we want to use as an example of how best to make use of a garage, just as they do in a self-storage unit. In most instances organized customers use our self-storage for continuous use, arranging the contents in a planned way. Just as you may do if you had an organized garage.

The problem with a garage is that it often is where things are stored when they have no more use in the house, so they are dumped on the floor. This continues until the garage is chock-a-block full, and a cleanout or rearrangement is required. One of the basic rules of an organized garage is to have nothing on the floor. This makes cleaning easy, and it means that everything has been assigned a place to hang or be stored on a surface, or in a drawer.

Let’s see some of these storage options that work well in a garage:

Top Storage Ideas for Your Garage

When you decide to organize your garage best start by cleaning it out thoroughly, getting rid of all the building materials and items that you are not going to use. Be tough about it, because you are going to have to find a way to store it properly. If there is an old washing machine in there for example, fix it or sell it. Its no use to you sitting here taking up space. Then layout all your tools and equipment on the floor and decide with the following four ways of storage which will be stored how:

Overhead Storage rack

An overhead rack is perfect for storage of seldom used items like travel cases or seasonal items. The rack can be fitted to the joists on the roof and such a structure is capable of holding 600 lbs. the space offered can be at least 40 inches deep and it will still be clear of a tall person’s head.

Normally this space is not used, but an overhead rack can create as much as 90 cubic feet of extra storage space in your garage, as real bonus if space is at a premium.

Storage for screws nails and other steel

There is nothing better and more efficient than to keep all your screws nails and other steel items all in one place in their own compartments. This is another accessory that can be wall mounted in you garage. The cabinet size also need not take a lot of space say 20x 6 x 15 inch, and in this the bonus is that you can keep a lot of things in the drawers. Its even useful for your hobby stuff, like fishing tackle, or any crafts like beads or sewing accessories.

You can label the drawers to make it easy to find the contents, and the finger grip opening mechanism makes the drawers easy to use.

Wall hanger for rakes, brooms, and other tools

How many times have you looked for a rake and it’s in the wrong place? All the implements for the garden and for cleaning such as spades or brooms can be hung against the wall. This sort of wall hanger has slots that take the neck of the implement securely in its grip and it hangs without touching the floor. These rubber grips can be spring-loaded and are sturdy enough to take the weight of even heavy units like spades.

They are easy to mount, and good on the eye too, making your garage look highly organized!

Metal Pegboard Tool Organizer

Utilize the wall space efficiently with a metal pegboard tool organizer. Besides being light and easy to install, these panels are well suited for a garage as your tools are easily visible and accessible. Metal does not fray and wear and tear is minimal. A pegboard is also a versatile storage accessory as you can add hooks, shelves, or brackets which you slot not the holes on the pegboard.

Simply mount the pegboard securely against the wall, and you will be amazed at how much you can store this way.


Even though this isn’t primarily place for storage you can incorporate shelving or drawers into a workstation for yourself. Its important that you have one of these as you will definitely want to do some DIY projects, home improvement jobs or painting, even commercial construction work, table saw use to cut wood or repair a broken item from the house from time to time.

One with built in clamps and guides for sawing is most useful. This could also be a fold up workstation so that you can pack it away or one on casters for you to move around.

 Self-Storage backup

In the process of reorganizing and cleaning up you may realize that there are goods like seasonal sporting equipment, a boat or items that have been stored in the garage that are seldom used, but still have value to you (like that washing machine you are keeping for your daughter). In this case pop them into self-storage.

At Stop & Store, we have a range of storage size options to offer you

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