Owning a large house is a reward for all your hard work. As you get older, the maintenance thereof becomes more and more of a burden. What used to be a thriving home full of activity, is now a place where you roll around with plenty of unoccupied rooms.

Many over 65-ers view the situation as one in which it’s an opportunity for a change. Not only will the sale of the house release some equity funds, but the mere act of downsizing will make their living far more manageable. This is a quite common occurrence.

Downsizing to a smaller house is a logistical problem because the contents of the current house won’t fit. Many of your possessions have monetary and sentimental value which understandably is the most difficult part of a downsize. In many instances the children also don’t have space to take them, so it’s often a dilemma as to what to do with them.

As parents, when selling the property, its expected that some equity will be released. These funds could be used for a long awaited trip or a gift to the children to save on inheritance tax later. In all downsizing can be stressful. However we have a few pointers to help you make it easy for yourself.

Where to Downsize to?

Retirement homes sometimes have along waiting list as they are in short supply. At times one may become available at short notice if you are in the right place at the right time. Mostly find a place to downsize close to where they are staying. They prefer to be near friends and family.

While there are many benefits like social activities, frail care and well-designed infrastructure for older persons, the size of the units is small.

Faced with excess furniture and household possessions, many downsizers choose self- storage for their excess items until a plan is made.

Stop & Store is a great option for downsizers with easy access in town for you to store your household goods.

Packing up.

Many homeowners that have stayed in the same house for thirty years and more have accumulated a lot of possessions. They can’t all be accommodated in the smaller unit, and to just put them up into a garage sale wouldn’t realize their true value.

People will say it’s not good to hoard them but then many are probably irreplaceable. When circumstances prevent immediate removal to one of your children’s homes, self- storage will be your best option. Its inexpensive and it gives you time to make plans in your own time.

Once you have removed what you deem as value to you into self-storage you can do house cleanout and throw out what you don’t need anymore.

Definite Clear out Items

  • Clothes and linen

In every clothes cupboard are clothes and shoes that are seldom worn but are kept “for just in case”. Old linen that is rarely used is also kept for sentimental reasons. This will be a good time to take these old items to a charity shop as taking them to your new house doesn’t make sense.

  • Broken furniture

You are sure to have some broken furniture that you intend to fix one day. Well the time is up, too late. Time to offload for your local junk hauler to collect.

  • Outdated electronic equipment

Look for all your obsolete electronics like DVD’s old radios and recorders that have been replaced with new technology but are stashed in a cupboard somewhere. This is the time to get them to your e-waste collector.

  • Kids’ stuff

The days of kids stay overs may be over and holding onto some bunk beds “just in case” and toys that will never be used again is just being sentimental. Its hard to do this we know, but if you donate these to a worthy cause, think of the joy you’ll be brining to someone else!

  • Cleaning supplies

A cleaning cupboard often contains lots of empty and half empty bottles. In this instance, take the one in current use and pack them in a bucket to take with you. Throw the rest away as you cleanout.

  • Kitchen appliances

Kitchens are invariably full of appliances, some of which work and others that at stuck at the back that don’t work anymore. Blenders, microwaves, and other equipment that have given you faithful service but can’t be fixed must go now.

  • Reading materials

Your house is sure to be choked up with out of date magazines, books that are long read and lots of old papers just take up space. These days everything is digital, so if you need information you are sure to find it on the internet.

  • The garage junks

Its likely that your smaller home will have a smaller garage. Of course a garage is a place to store many things seldom used, so spend a whole day tackling your garage and take only what you really need with you.

  • The garden shed.

If you have a garden shed at home, this is also a whole day job clearing it of its contents. Its unlikely that you will have the same extra space in your new home.

Final Thoughts 

The saying “look forward, not back” applies to downsizing. Your goal is to improve your circumstances, reduce burdens of your large house, and enjoy the new journey. Keeping your friends near to you, choosing a place with or new to the amenities you desire, are important considerations.

The bonus will be getting some money out to enjoy yourselves, along with some newfound freedom.

Think before you are tempted to dispose of your possessions quickly, even though people may say that decluttering is good. Instead, keep them until you are assured of getting the right price for them or finding a good home for them in your home.

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