We have spoken a lot about some of the parameters for choosing a storage facility to keep your goods for you. At the end of the day, the price you pay is one of the most critical of them. No matter if the storage location is nearby, the staff seem friendly, the access is good, money talks when you make the final decision. Affordable Storage Prices Stop and Store Fareham.

As the money issue is so important to you, let’s have some guidelines as what to look for when pricing your intended stay in a self storage unit. When doing your research of self storage prices, the first thing you will find, and it’s to be expected, is that the city storage prices are higher than the smaller towns.

The second observation is that the larger the unit you rent the lower the price is per square foot. The good news is that self storage, being so popular and convenient for finding extra space, is in itself not expensive. On top of this you will observe that many of the more reputable self storage facilities offer some sort of incentive to store with them.

At Stop & Store Fareham, competitive pricing is just one of the ways we attract our clients. We offer 50% off two months storage, as an enticing sweetener to store with us. This is offered whether it is for household storage or business storage.

We also have a policy to offer top level service to our clients, with the highest levels of safety for the protection of their goods.

Price of self storage

Prices may be advertised for a storage duration of a week or a month. This makes it challenging to compare them relative to each other. As mentioned, the per square foot rates are more expensive for small units in the city. The advantage of storing in a town like Fareham is that our self storage prices are far more affordable, perhaps even half that of a major city like London.

Before renting a storage unit it is critical to know the size that is needed. Most self storage units offer a range of sizes that will accommodate different sized loads.

Stop & Store Fareham are on hand to advise on the correct size to match your load. You should get your load together first so that we can advise on the right sized unit to use. Simply give us the approximate dimensions of the load, either in feet (height, width, length) or what sized van you think it will fill. Small loads can be taken in a Transit van and bigger loads in a Futon van.

To give you an idea a load on a transit van can fit into 50 square foot unit, while load on a 75 square foot unit will fit into a Luton van.

From here we can price accordingly. As mentioned, our prices are very affordable, smaller units such as the 25 sq foot unit are currently priced at £ 2.15 per square foot, while the large unit of 150 sq foot is priced at £ 1.26 a square foot.

If you would like to do your own estimations online our space calculator is designed to guide you on the correct self storage unit size in relation to the goods that it can accommodate.

Benefits Included in the Price

There are a lot of benefits that are included in the price, which is what you would expect from a top storage facility. These are:

  • Personal access for you only to your stored goods through a controlled access point
  • Onsite trollies to assist with the transport of your goods.
  • Easy loading and offloading with ample parking
  • 24/7 monitored security to ensure the safety of your stored goods.
  • A personal service that is particular to the Stop & Store philosophy

We suggest you look around to see if other storage facilities can match our price and service promises, and if you are in any doubt, please let us know. In line with our competitive pricing, we will be happy to make you a better offer if we can. The good service is a given, we promise you that! If you are in doubt about our service undertaking, please read our reviews on our website.

Practical Examples of Home Storage

Self storage is most used when moving home. This often means that the storage duration needed is less than two months, which we call short-term storage. Short term storage is often used when waiting for your new home to be vacated, and you must move out of your old one.

Long term storage is mostly where the discount kicks in.

2 bedroomed House Storage costs.

To calculate storage costs for a 2 bedroomed house you will probably need a 75 -100 sq foot unit. These self storage units are priced at £108 and £143.99 per month respectively with the average cost per sq foot being £1.42.

If you store for three months or longer, the price will be half that figure for the two months, meaning that you get a 50% discount or the equivalent to one month free. Which ever way you look at it, it’s a good deal!

If you need to store the contents of a 4 bedroomed house at least 150 sq. ft self storage space is required. This current cost is £185.40 per month, and by converting it into long term storage you will have the benefit of the discount again for the first two months.

The biggest surprise after discovering that we are so affordable is our easy location.

You will find Stop & Store in Thackeray Mall, Unit C (First Floor) 26a, Fareham PO16 0PQ. This is especially well situated for all for residents of Fareham, Porchester, and surrounding areas.

The storage facility gives you access your self storage unit any time between 8am and 8pm, seven days a week, which you do by means of your own personalized PIN access code.

Please contact us at 01329 556174 for more information.

We encourage you to look on our website https://www.stopandstore.co.uk/ for more information and see what our customers have to say about us.

See you soon!