The North Lakes area of England is known for its natural beauty and superb water activities. For those who are lucky enough to visit the area, there is so much to do and see, and sufficient time should be allocated to do so. Many visitors bring sports equipment to maximise the enjoyment of the water. Luckily, there is an extremely easy solution to the storage of sports equipment when here: it’s self storage.

While storage in a self storage unit is convenient and easy to do, renters are advised to ensure that the sports equipment they intend to put into storage should be well prepared for storage. It’s also important to know why self storage is so suited for the storage of sports equipment. Here we discuss the reasons.

As sports equipment is used occasionally, it spends most of its time being stored. Where space is limited, it becomes a nuisance if it gets in the way and clutters up space in the home or holiday apartment.

When visiting the North Lakes area, central to many of the activities is Stop & Store Penrith, a storage facility at the gateway to the beautiful natural areas. For those seeking a secure storage place to keep sports equipment should look no further than Stop & Store.

Why is Self Storage Good for the Storage of Sports Equipment?

  • Give yourself more space.

    Space at home or on holiday is limited, and sports equipment tends to add to unwanted clutter. Put your sports equipment into self storage and free up space to use for other more functional things.

  • Cheap storage when you need it.

    Of all the storage alternatives, when you add up all the factors involved, self storage offers the best value for money. Prices are extremely competitive, and on top of it all, you may even get a special deal if you enquire about what’s on offer!

  • Perfect for seasonal storage of your storage equipments:

    Knowing that your sports equipment is safe from one season to the next in long-term storage and that the equipment will stay in perfect condition takes away all worries.

  • You are not tied down:

    So, you change your plans, or want a bigger or smaller unit? That’s fine, no problems. Just ask and the storage facility is sure to help you find a bigger unit or smaller one. In addition, you are not tied in for longer than a month at a time, as contracts are this flexible.

  • Choose an Insulated Unit for the safe storage:

    Protection from the outside environment is assisted by the addition of insulation in self storage units. The cladding helps keep the inside at ambient temperatures. This provides a protected system for the contents.

  • Dry, clean, and pest free:

    Knowing that a self storage facility prides itself on ensuring the three most crucial storage conditions are provided, you are sure to find the unit pest free, clean, and dry. This will reduce any chance of mouldy conditions developing or damage from insects or vermin.

  • Readily accessible:

    As you would want to access your sports equipment at any time, the self storage facility is sure to fit into your time scales by offering long opening hours. In addition, when choosing a self storage unit nearby, it won’t take you long to get there.

  • Size Options:

    With storage units of varying sizes, you can choose the one you’d like. This helps your budget too, meaning that you are not paying for space that you don’t use.

  • Up-to-date security:

    Of course, we take this one for granted, but it’s worth reminding ourselves that self-storage facilities are amongst the safest there are for the storage of anything.

How to Protect Your Sport Equipment during Storage

Should you put dirty, wet sports equipment into self storage, expect it to deteriorate while it’s there. This will be entirely your fault. With this in mind, we remind you of some of the preparation rules for sports equipment going into storage:

  • General Sports Equipment Storage

    The North Lakes has many activities available. So, it’s advisable to pack any sports equipment you have. Here are some useful tips for storing some of these items that you may need.

    • Bikes, together with helmets may be used frequently as biking is a fantastic way to get around and see the area. Bikes should always be stored indoors in a safe place. While your bicycles may clutter space, find a dedicated place to store them, ensuring that they are always kept upright. Helmets should be hung on a rack or kept in a well-ventilated area, remembering not to put anything on top of them as they could get damaged.
    • Games equipment like racquets, balls, and bats are best kept together indoors in a cool dry area. Keep all the balls together in a transparent bag so that they are not lost and can be kept securely without rolling or disappearing. Remember to keep racquets in their protective covers.
    • Golfing gear, like a golf cart, is best kept in a secure place like a self storage unit along with golf clubs and other golfing accessories. The cool dry and secure environment will assure safe storage for these expensive items.
  • Water Sports Equipment Storage

    The North Lakes is one of the best places for watersports so bring any water sports equipment you own. The guidelines for safe storage are as follows:

    • Ensure all equipment is clean and free of dirt, especially salt water, and sand.
    • Avoid any chance of mildew, mould, or rust by making sure the equipment is completely dry before storage.
    • Deflate and disassemble equipment. Remove any protruding parts that may get damaged and ensure the inflatable equipment is deflated before storage to gain maximum use of space.
    • Make use of plastic storage containers that are designed for storage of water sports equipment.
    • Make the most of hanging space and racking for wetsuits and paddle skis and don’t put anything on top of them to avoid damage.

Choose the Best Storage Option for your Sport Equipments.

When looking for storage for sports equipment that ticks all the boxes, call Stop & Store Penrith.

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