Golf. It’s a great game. Played the world over, it’s one of the fairest as it uses a sporting system so that anyone can win according to their given handicap.  Self Storage Facility

The industry is worth many millions, with investments in equipment to play golf exceeding our wildest imaginations. A good set of clubs will set a golfer back a considerable sum. Golf clubs being the tools of the trade, need looking after when not in use.

And that’s most of their life. Consider the fact that the average golfer plays 21 games a year of four hours a game. So, a set of golf clubs lies idle for more than 99% of the time.

A lot can happen to the golfing equipment if not stored correctly, with a lot of money having been invested in them. So, it makes sense to store them correctly, right?

With a wide range of activities on offer in the North Lakes area of Cumbria, golf is one of them enjoyed by many visitors or residents in the area.

At Stop & Store Penrith our self storage facility is located just a few miles out of Penrith, and is  well suited for the storage of sports equipment, including expensive golf equipment.

 Playing Golf Around Penrith

A game of golf in the North Lakes area of Cumbria is another way to see and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding area. If you are in and around the Penrith area, you are well positioned to travel to several interesting courses in the vicinity.

There is a cross section of challenging and quality courses available for playing a round of golf. And as a bonus they shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

As we have come to expect from Cumbria, it’s a friendly place and as a visitor you will receive a warm welcome. This may make the 19th hole even more enjoyable at the end as you are sure to hook up with the locals who will want to enjoy your company.

There’s something for every golfer and if you are starting out Penrith is a good place to commence your golf journey. The Penrith Golf Centre focusses on the development of golf skills and is geared to all year-round golf by having facilities that are geared for all-weather activities. Others worth noting are Alston Moor, situated in Alston, which also is open most of the year.

The course at Kendal Golf club offers magnificent views of the Westmorland Fells, the Yorkshire Dales, Lakeland Fells, Morecambe and Lancashire Plain on your way around the course.

Another worth mentioning is the course in Keswick, which is terrifically scenic while at the same time a great test of golf skills. If you are feeling flush don’t miss out on the course at Silloth-on-Solway, certainly one of the best in the area.

Investing in good equipment takes time, and as your skills levels improve, so you’d want to get better clubs. Investing in golf equipment is as exciting as playing the game, and when you get on the course, you’d want your clubs to do the talking for you.

Which is why it’s important to look after your golf equipment when you are not using it.

How to Store Golf Equipment

The fact that golf equipment is expensive and has value also means that it’s a target for theft. So, the first warning that needs to be issued is to look after it and try not to leave your clubs unattended. This even applies to transporting of clubs to and from the course and storage at home or wherever you choose to leave your clubs.

We may be tempted to keep our clubs in the car from week to week. This isn’t advisable as temperatures can rise and damage the clubs.  Besides, they could be damaged when a heavy load is put on top of them.

Heat is not good for golf clubs as it effects the glue used to affix the club heads and shafts and can cause the grips to become loose.

Cleanliness and Care

We are all guilty of dumping our clubs in the boot of the car after completing the 18th hole and holing up at the 19th. After a round on the course there’s nothing wrong with a few rounds in the clubhouse. But this is where your trusty golf clubs become forgotten until they are hauled out next time.

What your equipment needs is a good clean every time. Starting with your golf balls, wash them with warm water and soap, and pack them neatly back on the pockets of your golf bag. This will ensure optimal performance next time.

You also have a chance to see how many golf balls need replacing and so as not to get caught short the next time you are on the course.

The same goes for the cleaning of your golf clubs using warm water and a plastic scourer or an old toothbrush to remove excess sand and grit.

At the same time check for any damage to the club face, like an indentation or scratch in the metal. Once dried with a towel, you may want to apply some metal polish to make them shine and give some protection.

Club head covers also are advisable to protect your club heads when not is use and while in a self storage facility.

Whether your golf bag is made off leather or plastic, it needs to be kept free of damage and should be stored in a safe, dry place when not in use.

How a Self Storage Facility Works for You

The seasonality or infrequent use of sports equipment and outdoor gear means that its not used all the time. Because of the tendency to be bulky and occupy valuable space, sports equipment is often left out in a garage or shed where it can be spoiled by the elements or go missing.

Should this be the case with your sports equipment, we advise you to look at the cost-effective storage option offered by us.

The storage offered by Stop & Store Penrith self storage facility is well suited for the storage of sports gear including golf equipment. If you are looking for space to rent, self storage is available from us at our facility on the outskirts of Penrith on the A66. Call us and we arrange everything. Our process is quick and simple, we can do it all electronically.

For a no obligation quotation call on 01768 800291 and speak to a friendly Stop & Store Penrith staff member.