Self storage is a great solution for taking care of your furniture and possessions, whilst keeping clutter to a minimum. Renting budget storage means you can move items in and out of storage throughout all four seasons of year, depending on when you need them. For residents in Wickham, Portchester and Titchfield, Stop and Store in Fareham offers convenient storage when you need it most.


It’s no surprise that many of us suffer from the “January blues”. The excitement of Christmas is over, money is tight, and the weather is often dull and dreary. January is a great month to commit to decluttering your home. Set some time aside to sift through books, toys, kitchen equipment and even furniture to work out what you use regularly, and what could be sold or donated. Selling items on second hand selling websites can even give you a bit of extra cash to get you through until pay day. It is natural that there will be some things that you don’t use often but still want to hold onto. These items can be moved into storage to free up much needed space, but are still available to you whenever you want to bring them back home.


With Valentine’s Day falling in the middle of February, you may be considering living with a new partner. Combining two households into one can leave you with surplus furniture including extra beds, sofas or wardrobes. Rather than selling the spare items, place them into storage in case either of you should ever want them again. In relatively new relationships, depositing furniture in secure storage is a sensible option in case you later decide to go your separate ways.


As the weather begins to brighten, it is common to begin “spring cleaning”. A deep clean of the house is not complete without giving decluttering a go. Winter clothing, heavy duvets and fur-lined boots can all be safely moved to a household storage unit to leave your house feeling light and airy.


Warmer days may draw you out into the garden. Nothing beats eating al fresco, and now is a great time to reinstate your garden furniture. Garden tables and chairs can take up a significant amount of space in your shed or garage, and they may also be at risk of damage from damp, insects, or rodents over the winter months.

It is wise to store outdoor furniture in a clean, dry storage facility over winter, so that you know it will still be in great condition when the sun comes out again.


May is a great time to begin renovations, building work, or concentrate on interior or exterior decorating. Drier months mean your project is less likely to experience delays due to poor weather. Moving furniture into a self storage unit could see the project completed faster, as you will not need to manoeuvre around sofas, beds or bookcases. Your furniture is also not at risk of being damaged by builders’ tools or wayward paint splashes.


June is often the month that university students return home for the summer. If you plan to stay with your parents, you can earn brownie points by placing excess clothing, textbooks and furniture into storage. Enjoy a summer free from clutter and switch off from your course for a few months!


July is peak summer season, and that means it’s time to get the tent out! Camping holidays are an affordable and fun way to get away from home, but there’s nothing worse than retrieving a mouldy, damp tent from the garage the day before you’re due to set off. Seasoned campers can acquire a lot of paraphernalia; camping stoves, beds, sleeping bags and shelters can soon fill the loft and are not easy to get to when you want to make a quick getaway.

Storing items in an accessible storage unit allows you to grab everything you need on a whim. Even better, you won’t have any worries about the condition your tent will be in when you arrive at the campsite.


As young adults get ready to start university, many parents experience “empty nest syndrome”. Although the house might feel a bit hollow, you could convert any empty bedrooms into a study, home gym or even a cinema room. Clear the space you need by placing any spare bedroom furniture into secure storage. The items will still be available for your children should they require them in future.


Whether you have children or not, the more autumnal feel of September can bring with it a back-to-school feel for many of us. It can be a time of personal or professional growth, or the month in which you find the courage to change jobs or careers. You may even decide to set up your own business. As an entrepreneur, you’ll find there are unlimited creative ways of making the unit work for you.


Once October rolls round, there’s no denying that the barbeque, paddling pool and garden hammock will not be needed until next spring. Put all of your summer equipment into a cheap storage unit and forget about it until the spring. Next summer, you’ll be able to collect your items in pristine condition.


The doom and gloom of a British November may make you want to pack your bags and move to warmer climes. Whether you decide to travel for work, pleasure, or even embark on a round the world trip, you can make your property work for you whilst you’re away. Renting out your home can ensure your mortgage remains affordable, and also means your property won’t be left vacant for long periods.

If you choose to rent your property unfurnished, you can easily move the entire contents of your home into a household storage unit. If you want to leave most of your furniture in the property, there may still be some precious items of furniture or artwork that you would prefer to safely store, rather than risk any accidental damage by tenants.


In the thick of winter, you’ll be glad to get the Christmas decorations ready for the upcoming festivities. Over several years, it’s easy to amass multiple boxes of decorations, lights and garden ornaments. Choosing to store your decorations in a storage rental makes it easy to retrieve your decorations, and leaves your home uncluttered for the remaining 11 months of the year.

You may also make use of the festive period to enjoy some winter sports including skiing or snowboarding. Stowing this bulky equipment in a storage unit during the rest of the year is a wise choice.

Similarly, you’ll be keen to make use of your winter coats, wellies, thick blankets and even portable heaters. For families, these items can take up a lot of space so it makes good sense to only have your winter woollies at home when you need them.

Renting a storage unit gives you your own personal space to store items throughout the year. With unlimited access, you can move items in and out of the unit as and when they are required. A cost-effective rental means you can keep your house uncluttered all year round whilst still holding on to the items you need.

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