So, you are tired of working for a boss and doing the same thing every day? Or perhaps you are looking for something new to do and are a tech savvy kind of person? Perhaps you like to fix things and are always helping others when they need an appliance repaired. Self Storage Unit

Either way there is a gap in the market waiting for entrepreneurs like you. Let’s show you how self storage can fit into your new business model and make you life a whole lot easier.

The first and most important thing to know is that you can start it tomorrow if you want to. That’s if you are prepared and have your business plan ready. When it comes to rent a premises for storage purposes, there is no cheaper option than self storage. After all it’s the kind of service that you can offer from your car or van.

Getting Started: it’s Not Difficult

It’s not difficult to establish a business such as an appliance repair as storage of all your stock can be done safely with a company like ours at Stop & Store Penrith. Establish the best way to market your service and then simply go out and acquire the tools to do the job.

The good news is that across most, if not all, of the categories of appliance repair the tools are the same. Some specialized jobs may need a tool that you don’t have, and you will have to go out and find it.

There will be standard repairs in homes that will become your routine jobs, and each day you are likely to finish a few jobs. Try and complete a job in one visit as you would not want anything hanging over to the next day, especially with the price of fuel as it is today.

Market Yourself

The number one attribute of being an owner of a business such as this is reliability and reputation. From the start you need to show your capabilities and to build your personal brand.

To get clients to have trust in you and your must have the skills required. So, you must be technically competent, honest and be able to fulfill the promises you make to the customer.

In expanding your client base, remember that word of mouth will become your best marketing platform, especially if you are in a focused area like Cumbria.

It is also best to be centrally situated so that you can access a big enough base of customers easily. This is why Penrith, being centrally situated in the North Lakes area is a perfect fit. In addition, the location of the Stop & Store storage facility just on the outskirts of Penrith is a perfect location for keeping your tools and supplies in secure storage.

Use social media to advance the awareness of your services and remember to adhere to any license requirements that may be required for the registration of your business.

While you don’t need much money for marketing, don’t forget to include this in your budget. Most of the money you need will be for your tools and a base set of spares for the general repairs you are likely to be doing.

Get Your Working Area in Order

As there will be times when you’d need to uplift an appliance and work on it offsite, there is a need to find a suitable workspace for yourself. The problem with working from home is that it is often the garage that is used, at the expense of what is normally stored there.

This means that cheap self storage in Penrith needs to be found. Well, there is nothing more affordable than self storage. It provides the basics for what is needed. By choosing a 2-meter, 3 meter or 4-meter unit you can rent a workspace that suits the size you need. As these rentals are month-to-month, you can move up or down in size as and when you require.

The great thing about self storage is that there is no long-term commitment.

Be Smart, it’s a Wise thing to do

As a business owner of this type of business, the one fact about it is that technology keeps changing, for the better. This means that you would be required to keep on top of these changes by being informed and reading up on the how and why aspect of technological change.

Another smart move is to guarantee your work, and this will give your customer a lot of peace of mind that you are not a fly by night that will never be seen again. In this way your customers will build up a trust in your services.

Always cover your business by insurance as there could be accidents that happen that do so out of your control. Like someone getting injured, or an appliance that gets accidently harmed during movement. You never know what can happen, to you personally and your client’s appliances.

Be Sure of Yourself, it Helps

So, once you have bought the right tools, you would need to find the right people to help you. Skilled, pleasant staff in this business will be a big asset. Once you are equipped with the correct tools and equipment you are ready to start marketing your services.

While you may be more tech savvy than being a marketing whizz, why not get someone to help you with this part? After all, its’ about visibility and exposure, so be sure to roll out your marketing campaign to achieve this.

Overall, personality also counts. If you are sure of your service, express yourself with clarity and confidence, then your customers will know their appliances are in good hands. So, go forth with a positive approach!

The same goes with charging your customers and getting the money in. Once the job is done, get paid. And cost your services reasonably and be fair to yourself and your customer.

So, when you are ready to go, get your premises sorted out. Use self storage. Just give us a call when you need it, and we will provide a no obligation quotation.

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