The hours of daylight are finally getting longer, and spring is just around the corner. You may start hearing mutterings about “having a good spring clean” or “starting a spring sort out”, but what one earth is this, and why do we do it in spring? Although the spring clean is a bit of an old fashioned custom, evidence shows that it might be good for your health. Here we’ll talk more about spring cleaning, and how household storage could help.

When Did Spring Cleaning Originate?

Spring cleaning is thought to originate from the times when most people heated their homes with an open fire. Throughout the winter coal, wood and paper would all be burned to keep the living space of the home warm, as well as to heat water for cooking and bathing.

With the warmer weather of spring, the fire would be required less, and so a good “spring clean” was needed to rid the room of the ash, soot and dust that had accumulated during the long winter. It was also a chance to allow some fresh air into the stuffy house.

Wood burners and log fires are now more of a design feature than a necessity, with central heating systems working effectively and creating little mess. However, the idea of a spring clean has held fast and many of us emerge from winter keen to throw the windows open and let some spring air into the house.

Why Does Decluttering Make Us Feel Good?

Although we may no longer need to complete a deep clean after winter, having a thorough sort out in spring can be very therapeutic. After a winter spent mostly indoors, jumping into action by cleaning under furniture, sorting through wardrobes or emptying the loft can help to revive the spirits and give us a buzz.

Winter can be a time of low mood for many, with dark mornings and evenings taking their toll. We’re less likely to go out for a walk, and you may not feel like running or cycling when it’s cold and dark. As spring peeks around the corner, the longer hours of daylight may offer you the motivation to get back on top of household chores. So, what are the benefits to a spring clean?

Quick results

Decluttering and cleaning make us feel good because you can quickly see the results. If you have a pile of clutter, you can start at the top and make decisions about what to keep, donate, bin, or sell. When you reach the bottom, you are left with a clear space.

Better Air Flow

Rooms that have been decluttered have better air flow and will appear lighter. Clutter can become depressing, whereas clear spaces are more appealing and relaxing. Replacing piles of clutter with a beautiful houseplant may offer clean air and a sense of tranquillity, too.


Decluttering can feel like hard work at the time. You’ll need to lift and carry items, as well as dusting and hoovering the newly-cleared spaces. Just as with exercise, this can lead to a burst of endorphins or happy hormones that boost your mood and make you feel good.

How to Spring Clean

Your method of spring cleaning will vary depending on what you want to achieve. If your plan is purely to clean, then a room by room approach is appropriate. Spring cleaning is all about paying attention to the areas that are forgotten when completing your normal housework. Move furniture to get underneath with the hoover, wipe down skirting boards and clean the windows to let the bright spring sunshine in.

If you also need to declutter after a winter of low-grade hoarding, your method will be different. Start small and work up. Many people make the mistake of emptying out every kitchen cupboard and then feel overwhelmed. Instead, start with one desk drawer, one section of your wardrobe, or one box in the loft. Don’t move onto decluttering anywhere else until you have sorted that one small area.

How Can Self Storage Help?

If the start of the lighter, warmer days has prompted you to start a deep clean or declutter, you may find yourself in need of a self storage unit. Renting a budget storage unit in Fareham means you can hold onto items of sentimental value or possessions that you want to keep but don’t require every day.

What Can I Store?

From surfboards to pushchairs, most household items can be stored at Stop and Store. As you declutter you may come across family heirlooms, old photograph albums or antique furniture that you don’t need in the house, but still want to hold on to.

When you’ve spent hours deep cleaning, you want to make sure every room looks its best. Rather than putting up with residual clutter after your spring clean, important items can be moved to your own personal storage room for safe keeping until you need them again.

At Stop and Store in Fareham, we have a wide range of household storage units ranging in size from 12 to 200 square feet. From a few boxes of paperwork to the entire contents of your garage, you can store precious items in a clean, dry and secure environment. Access is available seven days a week from our convenient location within Fareham shopping centre. With 24 hour monitored CCTV, intruder alarms and individually alarmed units, you can relax knowing that your items are safe.

Camping equipment, novels, skis and children’s toys are good examples of items that are worth holding onto, but may not be needed on a daily basis. Tents and camping paraphernalia are not usually required in winter, and skis can be stored during the summer. It can be hard to part with your favourite novels, but if your bookcase is already heaving you may need to make some space. Children regularly grow out of toys, but you may wish to hold onto them for younger siblings to make use of. No matter what you sort out during your spring clean, a self storage unit is likely to be a smart storage choice for you and your family.

To reserve your affordable self-storage unit in Fareham, book online today.