Most people take an interest in sport, whether its playing or watching. We have our favourite teams and can be fanatical about watching the games they play. Our levels of involvement can be so great that we get heartsore when our team loses, so wrapped up are we in the sports team we support so avidly.

Players that reach the top of their game are fit and mentally strong. They train every day and are totally dedicated to their team and the game. We love them for it and are often unaware of the rigorous exercise regimes that they go through to get there. Exercising requires a huge amount of dedication and self-discipline and on the other end of the scale lack of it puts us into a potentially unhealthy situation.

Exercise and productivity go together, and patterns show that fit people are often the ones in leadership roles, as fitness leads to a healthy body and mind.

Body and Mind: Why it’s Important to Exercise

We often think that exercise is something for the benefit of our circulation and body strength. However, there are considerable mental benefits to be derived from doing physical activities associated with exercise.

Over 40% of the UK population between the ages of 41-60 don’t get enough exercise, doing less than 10 minutes a month. This is a far cry from the recommended levels of 150 minutes per week. Not least are children, who are often inclined to being reclined on the couch watching TV or playing video games on their mobiles. While its difficult to get children motivated to exercise somehow, they should be encouraged to do at least an hour a day’s worth of physical activity.

Its true to say that if you are in good shape, you feel good about yourself. Much of this can be achieved with exercise. It also puts you into a good mindset, becoming more relaxed, smiling more often, being less anxious about things.

Relaxing and De-stressing

What is regular exercise? Some say it doing 45 minutes three times a week, while others would encourage fitness by doing physical activity at least five times a week. This activity improves your blood flow, uplifting your psyche and making you more relaxed. Athletes are known to be calm and lacking stress, as their routines help reduce the hormones like adrenaline and cortisol that are associated with anxiety while simultaneously increasing endorphin levels in the body.

We have seen what exercise does for you, let’s have a look at the best ways to up our game.

Participating in a Sport

You don’t have to be good at a sport to play it, and whether you feel you are better suited to participating in a team sport or an individual sport is up to you. With organized sports there are benefits to joining a club such as the social side and the organization of activities that help you get involved and committed to the sport you have chosen to play.

Team sports have great comradery and sense of belonging and are good for one’s morale and sense of contribution to the team as a whole. Whether it’s soccer, rugby, hockey, or cricket, some of the most popular sports in the UK, clubs are easy to find, each club participating at different skills levels offering something for everyone.

Individual sports are also aplenty and depending on what you enjoy there are many to choose from for you to enjoy. If its water sports, the vast amount of water courses offer good great opportunities for rowing, canoeing, or sailing and kayaking are a great way to tone your body muscles and get good aerobic exercise.

Golf is a great social sport and can be played competitively at any level as it works with a handicapping system.

Cycling and running are also immensely popular sports in the UK across all ages and provides participants with an excellent source of aerobic exercise.

Some exercise activities that are less sports oriented and are designed to give you the relaxation and physical actions necessary to keep your mental state and body toning in good order. These include pilates, yoga and aerobics. Often its far better to go to classes, joining others in the process, going for coffee afterwards, helping you commit yourself to committed to a routine.

Generally, this is the is the difficult thing about exercising at home as establishing where it is often difficult to be self-motivated to exercise on your own.

Storage of Sports and Exercise Equipment

Having your sports equipment safely stored is especially important. In the case of a sport like running there may be only a small amount of equipment needed, when it gets to kayaking or fishing you may have a boat to store. Don’t let the equipment cramp your home or make you change our mind.

Even if you choose to participate in seasonal sports, like skiing in winter and canoeing in summer, storage of your sports equipment should not be a problem.

At Stop & Store Fareham our units are commonly used to store sports equipment of various kinds. We even have renters who have set up their ‘home gyms” in self-storage units. They offer privacy and safety and 24/7 access.  Just select the size that suit you best and use the facility in the way that suits you best.

Our units are also suited to bicycle storage for cyclists who would like the peace of mind of having their bikes stored in a secure, dry place always. Whether it’s a racing bike or mountain bike or the bikes for the whole family, simply keep them lined up for your use when you need them in one of our units.

The same goes with any kind of sports equipment you would want to keep from cluttering your home of apartment.

With a range of units from 12 sq ft to 200 sq ft, you have a range of sizes to choose from if you want to store your sporting goods. No contracts need to be concluded, as you can hire storage space from a month to if you desire.

Conveniently located in the Fareham Shopping Centre, in the heart of the town, with easy access to load and unload your goods, Stop and Store is open 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm.

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