Our storage business is successful because we are organised and we encourage our clients to be the same. It cannot be overemphasized how important it is to be organised, whether you are storing your goods in a warehouse, a storage unit, or at home. It makes sense because the more organised you are, the easier you will be able to locate something when you need it. Self Storage Clacton

After all, storage is there to enable you to safeguard your possessions, either to use later or maybe to be able to sell them sometime in the future when you are certain you have no further use for them.

So we look at storage as an organised activity which requires pre-planning for it to be successful. 

We can apply this to our daily lives. By being organised we make life so much easier. We will find it simpler to give ourselves purpose and direction, making it better for us to follow our goals. Once we have set our goals, we can then plan on how we will follow through with them.

2020 wasn’t the greatest year to achieve any goals we may have set. We only had experienced about 3 months of the year before Covid-19 struck and spread worldwide, forcing most of us into isolation. Many of us would have given up on some of our goals, as the regulations around the isolation caused many to lose their jobs or be furloughed. 

Hopefully, there were some lessons learnt amongst the disappointments of last year as 2021 is viewed by some as an opportunity to reset our lives taking into account our new reality, which to many of us involves working from home.

What Does Goal Setting Achieve?

Setting goals is different from wishing for something like for example, a new year’s resolution. Instead goal setting is a way of giving you something to aim for and for giving your life a purpose. It is a way of going forward in your life with some objective to achieve. With no goals you are not really in control of your life and are at the beck and call of other people and perhaps going with the flow while they may use you to achieve their goals. 

Your goals may include improved health and fitness, advancement in your career, improving your education, and your financial status. If your goal is to obtain a better job, we need to know how to get there by achieving smaller goals. Once you know where you are heading and what you want to achieve, you will feel a sense of fulfillment.

Some Goals to Consider During Lockdown

  • Start your own business. This may not take much money or effort and could entail skills that you already own. There is loads of research about skills you need for running different businesses, and you may be able to use a skill you already have to start making money. If you are a marketer, look at selling SEO services to other businesses. These won’t cost you any money to set up. All it takes is to figure out something that will make you stand out from others doing the same thing. Many of us have time on our hands if we are operating from home, so use it productively.
  • Use your computer skills to buy and sell online. There is information out there to teach you to build your own websites, teach marketing and using social media, and how to research what people are buying, you may consider an online shop. You can even order and pack items yourself for customers. This is where self-storage can really help you as you can use one of our units to receive and dispatch inventory from without having to find extra space in your home.  
  • Spend time learning about how to manage your finances. You may have taken a pay cut and need to adjust your spending habits to your new reality. Once you have an idea of how much money you are making and what your expenses are, you will be in a position to manage these before they become a problem in your life.
  • Learn a new language. This has been shown to improve brain functions such as memory and one day when you can travel again, this will come in useful. There are numerous apps to teach you any language you choose, from Chinese to French, and there are always tutors online to assist you.
  • Improve your health by exercising regularly and eating healthy food. Even though the gyms may be closed down, the habit of daily exercise will help you not only with your fitness, but also your mental health. Exercise can help you with your sleeping patterns as a good sleep is crucial to keeping mentally healthy and alert.  Many of us are struggling to get a good night’s sleep because our routines have been disrupted and we have added stresses of dealing with debt, job losses, interruption in our education – the list is endless. So anything that can improve our sleep is important. 
  • Cleaning up the clutter in our homes is a great goal to aim for as an organised space will improve our lives and help us cope better mentally as well. You may need to clear a space for a home business, or maybe you have a family member coming back to live with you. If you need to make space, a self-storage unit at Stop & Store self storage Clacton is perfect to keep your belongings safe until you decide what to do with them.

Use Stop & Store self storage Clacton To Reach Your Goals

Stop & Store self storage Clacton is an ideally located self-storage facility providing easy access for the offloading, safe storage, and loading into and out of the unit. With dimensions varying from 12 square feet to up to 200 square feet, it offers a range of sizes. There is sure to be a unit that is perfect for your needs. Have a look at our space calculator which will assist you in choosing the correct size storage unit for your needs.

Have a look at our website to see what our customers say about us. The ease with which you can view and book your unit is so well-considered in this time of social distancing. Booking is done electronically after you have arranged an online viewing courtesy of one of our friendly staff members. 

This is done by providing you with a temporary access code for you to view our units through our CCTV system. Our CCTV is monitored, and our facility is alarmed to ensure the safety of your belongings. We are on site from 8am to 8pm, but you have access to your unit any time. 

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