In the storage business, we firmly believe that being organized is what makes us successful.

In other words, when goods are stored, be it in a warehouse, storage unit or even your home, the organization of the storage is the most important aspect. How you store will determine how easy items are to locate again when you need them. Why you store them is because you want to retain something for further use or sale later.

We see storage as an organized activity in which some pre-planning and implementation are required for it to be successful.

The same principle applies to the way we live. If we are organized, we make things a whole lot easier for ourselves. We give ourselves a purpose and direction and can focus on the goals we set for ourselves. After setting goals we then plan what to do, the implementation is the follow-through after that.

In 2021, many of us would have pressed the reset button, dusted off the disappointments of last year, and hopefully put the experience down to lessons learned. Lessons that we did not expect, and probably interfered with the goals we set last year.

Goal setting as we will see is a deep subject not to be confused with new year’s resolutions. These resolutions are, as we will see different from goal setting, as this process of setting goals requires follow-through mechanisms to ensure levels of success going forward.

What Does Goal Setting Achieve?

Not everyone is a goal setter. Perhaps those that aren’t are not aware of what goal setting is about. It’s not about wishing for something like a new year’s resolution. Goals are there to give you something to aim at, a purpose in life. Setting goals help you go forward, knowing what you want to achieve: it’s planning for yourself. Consider the opposite: with no goals you are not in control of your life, seemingly you are just prepared to go with the flow, often being a pawn, helping someone else achieve their goals.

Generally, goal setting helps achieve a whole range of objectives. These often include health and fitness-related targets, career advancements, educational improvements, and ultimately financial well-being. We may know we want a better job for instance, and goal setting helps pave the way for you to get there.

Once you have set them, knowing where you are headed and what you want to achieve alone provides a feeling of self-satisfaction.

Here are a few tips about goal setting:

  • Your goals can seem lofty and far-fetched, it’s OK, but make sure that they are aligned to you and what you stand for. Be truthful to your purpose in life and what you as a person stand for.
  • When you doubt yourself, goals give you renewed direction, they have been put into stone, they are like a signboard showing you the way when you get lost or are facing a setback.
  • Setting goals and dividing them into smaller goals within the overall goals allows you to break projects up into realistic timelines for delivery.
  • Working toward goals is also a way of keeping expectations real and keeping them in focus.

How to Put Your Goals into Practice

The first thing experts will tell you is to keep your goals in sight all the time. You would want to make a daily leap in achieving your goals.

If you have many goals, how do you manage them all at once?

Firstly, remember your goals are there to improve all the important aspects of your life so that your growth and goal achievement is going to have to be balanced.

Just as a company cannot operate without a business plan, so you can’t expect growth without committing your plan to paper. Call it your Personal plan for 2021 if you like. Your plan will identify the ultimate result you want to achieve. It’s like a destination and getting there is a journey along the way.

As with many journeys, there will be many potholes and distractions on the way. This will cause delays and you may even have to overcome some obstacles and objections. Not everyone will buy into your plan, and there are sure to be detractors.

Therefore, you need to be resolute and stay focused, and be organized.

One of the most important ways to succeed in putting your goals into practice is to have them visible to you constantly and refer to them daily. A weekly review helps, and if you have achieved your mini target for the week, set a new one for the following week.

As in business, a plan is shared with others, and everyone is accountable for achieving a particular aspect of the business. In the same way, you may want to share your goals with someone not only for encouragement but also for accountability. It’s like having a personal trainer at the gym, who measures your progress for you.

Lastly, there is a school of thought that says in life you should always do something with a definite purpose, to give meaning to yourself and the achievement in your life. This is a good principle to follow and has brought much joy to many who practice this concept.

Setting Our Goals at Stop & Store

As a leading service provider of self-storage, we at Stop & Store Fareham regularly set goals to ensure that we give our customers the highest level of service and provide a product that is the best there is. Our goals are designed to stretch ourselves in ways that exceed your expectations. One of the ways to comply with the social distancing rules is to provide you with an online experience that allows you to see a self-storage unit virtually and to be able to visualize its size and what can be stored, all done online.

Super efficiency is another, and when dealing with us at Stop & Store, it’s not only a warm friendly interaction that you can expect but also one that is totally professional and reputable.

Our goal for 2021 is to be the best in self-storage, so if you need safe secure storage, give us a try.

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