Have you ever wondered why one house sells quickly, and another one which is comparable in every way – same area, same number of rooms – just has that “For Sale” sign outside it month after month? Self Storage Unit

We at Stop & Store Fareham want to share some of our top tips to ensure you are one of those people that will hang that “Sold” sign up sooner rather than later. By the way, it is seldom ‘luck’ that a house sells quickly.  It is more than likely because of the way it is presented to potential buyers.

Selling your house can be a very stressful experience. You love your house and feel sensitive and upset if anyone criticizes it. But with any house come faults that you may have lived with for years, in fact, you probably don’t even notice them any longer. But be aware that any potential buyer will notice every little flaw and will have no problem with pointing them out. The buyer obviously wants to buy a house for as little money as possible, while you as the home seller want to get the best price possible.

The way around this conundrum is to present your house in the best way possible. Buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in the house they are looking at, so the less there is to distract them in the way of mess and clutter, the better.

Present Rooms as Defined for Purpose

Advice from professionals to help you sell your house is that the rooms in your house are defined for purpose. For example, if you are selling your house as a three-bedroomed home, make sure that the three bedrooms look like bedrooms.

If one of your bedrooms is used as a study or a storeroom, it will be worth your while to pack this stuff up, take it to your self storage unit, and show it as a bedroom. Research shows that a third bedroom will add more value to your house than a study or a storeroom.

Make the dining room a space that the buyer can imagine themselves having their meals in. Clear the dining room table of papers and other clutter to make it look inviting.

Clear Surfaces in Your Bathroom and Kitchen

Clear the surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom by packing the items away into cupboards to get them out of sight. If you don’t have the space for all of this stuff, pack them away in boxes and drop them off at your self storage unit.

Clear surfaces, especially in the kitchen, will make the space look larger. It will also look as though you have enough storage space, whereas if every surface is cluttered with stuff, the impression is given to potential buyers that there isn’t enough storage space.

Clean Out Bedroom Cupboards

Find space for your excess clothing. If your cupboards are overflowing, pack away seasonal clothes that you are not using into your self storage unit. This will indicate to buyers that your house has enough cupboard space.

Depersonalise Your House

What you are trying to show buyers is how the house could be lived in, and not how it is being lived in by you.

You may be selling because it has become too small for your requirements, which probably means that it is overflowing with your belongings. Estate agents will advise you to depersonalise your house in order to make it more saleable.

Research has shown that the rooms most likely to influence the sale of your house are the living rooms, the kitchen, and the main bedroom. These key rooms are the most important to depersonalise, so begin with these before potential buyers see your house.

  • Busy wallpaper and bright accent walls are not to everyone’s taste, and when you have your house on the market, you are trying to appeal to as many people as possible. Add a coat of paint in a neutral colour to make the room seem brighter and more spacious. It will also tick a positive box in that it is one job less the buyer has to do when they move into your house.
  • Remove all items that do not belong in these rooms. For example, tidy the children’s toys away and place them in their bedrooms so that they are not cluttering up the sitting room or living rooms. This will allow potential buyers to imagine themselves in this house without being distracted by clutter.
  • Pack away any personal collections, evidence of your hobbies, and put your family photos away. Buyers would rather not be confronted with your sporting memorabilia or your beer mug collection. Hundreds of family photos on display on every surface and wall is also off-putting to potential buyers who want to imagine how their life in the house would pan out. It is not about your life in your home any longer as you are ready to move on.

Why Use Stop & Store Fareham?

Once you have decided to sell your home and you need to declutter, hire a self storage unit to simplify your entire procedure of selling, packing up, and moving. Your belongings can be safely stored in our storage facility for as long as you need to.

Making use of our facility will enable you to present your house looking its very best for a quick sale at the highest price.

  • Our storage facility is fully secured with monitored CCTV and intruder alarms. You can therefore be assured that your precious belongings will be safe from burglary.
  • Stop & Store Fareham is conveniently situated in the Fareham Shopping Centre which is the heart of town.
  • We offer easy access to the units for convenient loading and off-loading.
  • Our units, which vary in size from 12 sq. ft. to 200 sq. ft., are modern, steel partitioned rooms which are clean, dry, and secure.
  • Rentals are available from one month to as long as you need with no contracts. Make use of our Space Calculator if you are not sure how much space you need for storage or contact us, and we can assist you.
  • We offer a very simple booking system which you can do from your phone or laptop. Once we have received payment, we send you your PIN code and you can access your unit immediately.

Please contact us on 01329 556174 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

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