It’s a common thing that small businesses want to cut costs, minimize overhead and boost their profits, and self storage companies always seem to be the answer. But are they really? At Stop and Store Storage Wirral we have set out to find the answer, and now we are going to share it with you.

Does Self Storage in Wirral Benefit Small Business?

We have many small business customers that we appreciate, and we think self storage is a perfect fit.

Business Flexibility

What is more important to small business then flexibility? Having the option to store from month to month and being able to switch unit sizes when needed is paramount to a small business. Having the ability to come and go unlimited times with extensive hours is just what a small business needs. No more worries about space at your office or retail spot, we are your warehouse.

Security Like No Other

Your business has sensitive documents like employee contracts, tax information, and receipts. You also have expensive inventory. Well, self storage has a much better security system then your office does. We have secure archive storage for documents and monitored and alarmed storage units for your inventory, you won’t have to worry.

Cutting Overhead

Rent is expensive, and space is limited in the city. If you have inventory and are thinking of buying a bigger office or retail space, think again. Self storage has hands down the best prices per square foot for storage. We are your new warehouse and we will help your business cut your storage overhead. We also have great long term business storage rates, beating out any competition.

Does your business need a bit more space? Call Stop and Store Wirral today and we will set you up with a great free quote. Start saving money in your business today!