Self storage units are ideal for finding a place to keep your large household items when doing renovating or making space for changes at home. These, after all, are the items that take the most space. Normally they take substantial effort to move. Think of your couch, a cupboard or double bed. Besides being bulky they are awkward to handle and require more than one person to move them.

They also must be well protected as the process of moving and storing them could result on damage such as scratching or spoilage.

We will unpack the best methods of preparation for storage and moving of these items to make it easy for you to do so in future. At Stop & Store Fareham we will soon be offering a comprehensively stocked box shop where you will be able to get all your packing supplies.

This will save you the trouble of having to shop around for those bits of packaging you need for your move. This will include boxes, bubble wrap, sealing tape and other miscellaneous items.

Under normal circumstances the biggest item of furniture in the house is the couch and first up you’d want to make sure that it will fit into the self storage unit.

Measure the length of your couch and go onto our website and check out our space calculator to find the right sized self storage unit for the piece. If you have something longer or bulkier to store, we suggest you use this as your parameter to assess which storage unit to get.

We are Here to Help

There is no reason for the preparation, removal, and storage to be a stressful occurrence. At Stop & Store we believe that it’s vital to assist our customers in any way possible. So, feel free to give us a call at any time, including if you are in doubt about the size of self storage room to take.

Remember that short term storage is a period of two months or less, and if you decide to store with us for a longer period, you may qualify for a discount. Either way, Stop & Store Fareham is here to advise you accordingly.

The first piece of advice for self storage preparation is to ensure that the items you wish to store are clean. An expensive couch requires protection prior to removal and storage. It’s worth getting the professionals in to do this. If you decide to do it yourself, make sure you have the appropriate cleaning products and materials to do so.

Best check the cleaning instructions before getting going, this should be found on the fabric tag. Usually a water-based detergent is preferred for this kind of job, but be sure first. If you can remove the couch cover, dry cleaning could be a viable option.

In the case of a leather couch, leather polish and a microfibre cloth should be used. Most importantly ensure that your couch is completely dry before you store it: any mould or moisture will cause untold problems for your couch.

We have focused on a couch as an example of preparation, and the same principle would apply to the cleaning of any other item prior to storage.

How Best to Move Heavy Items?

Normally considered the most difficult part of the job of moving to self storage, lifting, and relocating heavy or bulky items can be awkward and back breaking. The good news is that it needn’t be!

If you have a lot of furniture of course it would be best to use a professional mover to do this for you. However, if it’s just a few items and you have the means to relocate them then here are a few useful tips.

Once you have your assistant at the ready then you will need a few props to assist you as well. These are what they are:


A slider can be found in any hardware store. The slider is a sort of disc which has a soft covering of materials one side and plastic on the other. A slider fits under the object you want to move. Simply put a slider under the corners or legs of the items of furniture, appliance, or heavy object. Make sure you put the plastic side on the floor surface, and it will slide easily.


There are two types of dollies: a shoulder dolly and a furniture dolly. Much like a slider, except with wheels, the furniture dolly is an immense help when you need to move heavy items. You will need a smooth surface to move the items, and a furniture dolly is a wooden platform on caster wheels that can move your goods considerable distances if you have some assistance.

First, you’d need to lift the item onto the dolly and then guide it to your destination. Once there it can be lifted on a truck or put into storage.

The second is a shoulder dolly which will hep you lift a heavy item in a way that reduces strain on your back. The shoulder dolly consists of a set of straps and harnesses that helps you lift the heavy item using your legs and torso.

Ropes and blankets

These also come in handy when you need to move and protect drawers or mirrors on the item you are moving from being damaged. In some instances, they can also be used to move the items as well by dragging the items with the rope tied to it, and with the blanket under it, much like a slider.

Your Self Storage Unit Arrival

Once the transport arrives at the Self storage unit, you would want the process of access and unloading to go as smoothly as possible, because you have done the hard yards by now.

This is where you will find the helpful Stop & Store Fareham staff most friendly and welcoming. Besides the professional way we treat our customers, our storage facility is geared up to make your entry and offloading is easy as possible.

Conveniently located in Thackeray Mall, in Unit C on the first Floor in Fareham, the storage facility is within easy reach for residents of Fareham, Porchester, and the surrounding areas. You have access to your unit from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week using your PIN code.

Please contact us at 01329 556174 for more information.

Look at for more information and don’t hesitate to visit us when you are in the area.