When buying a house one of the benefits that will be put across to you by the agent is the fact that there is an attic that can be used as a place of storage. While you may be tempted by this added feature, beware. An attic may not be all that it is made out to be from a storage perspective. In fact, if you are ever looking for additional storage space, self storage is preferable.

You may argue that you don’t have to pay for the storage space that the attic provides, and you would be right. But the fact is that incorrect use of an attic for storage could end up costing you far more than the low cost storage equivalent of self storage.

After comparing the two, attic storage and self storage you should be able to make up your own mind about which one is better. If you choose an attic to store your goods, at least you will know what dangers lie ahead of doing so, so that you are forewarned.

It would seem attic storage is a simple issue of hauling everything upstairs and closing the door. But we at Stop & Store Penrith feel obliged, as storage experts to advise you of the risks you are taking.

Pros and Cons of Attic Storage

An attic forms part of the roofing of a house, and often contains an air-conditioning system or central heating ducting. It is also an area that provides ventilation for the roof which is an important but frequently overlooked feature of the home.

People who make improvements to their attic by either reinforcing the attic floor or restructuring it in the belief that it adds value to the house. They also do so for the purpose of using the attic for storage purposes.

While it is true that an extra room is now available, take into consideration that this becomes the hottest area in a house on a summer’s day, while conversely, it’s the coldest in winter.  This may affect the homeowner, but it is also true to say it affects what is stored in there too.

On the positive side, the extra space and the proximity to the homeowner, plus the fact that it’s for free are some of the plus points.

However, on the negative side, the environment severely restricts what can be stored in the attic: It is also conducive to pests and moisture. The extremes of temperature don’t make for good storage conditions, as we will see by comparison with the insulated environment of self storage.

Therefore, if you are going to use an attic for storage, make sure that whatever is stored is not going to be affected by heat. Also, it is best to store things in plastic containers to protect them from vermin or water damage. This means that as a storage place, it is very limiting as to what can be stored in an attic.

However, an attic is suited to the storage of seasonal items like Christmas decorations, ski equipment or hiking gear, and any other durable item that you think is safe in those variable conditions.

This then rules out anything made of wood, or any upholstery, while carpets, rugs documents, or electronics are also ruled out for storage here. Also, food won’t be suited to this environment at all.

An attic is also quite difficult to access and isn’t the most pleasant place to visit in the house, which means that you tend not to go there. Often the condition of stored goods deteriorates unnoticed, and after a lengthy period is too damaged to recover, at a great cost to the owner.

Now that the attic has been discussed as a place of storage let’s look at self storage in comparison.

Pros and Cons of Self Storage

Except for hazardous materials, almost anything can be stored in a self storage unit. If in doubt, ask the staff at the storage facility nearby for advice. This gives a far greater range of items that can be stored compared with an attic.

As mentioned, self-storage comes at a cost. But it still remains the most affordable storage there is. If this is the price to pay for your goods to be stored in a safe place in the right conditions, then it is worth it.

Another issue that may be a downside is that the storage facility requires you to travel there as it is not where you live. But most self storage facilities are located within easy reach, so this may not be an issue.

In the case of accessibility, there is no doubt that loading and offloading are made extremely easy and is user friendly. Unlike an attic, the storage unit is insulated and dedicated to providing the right conditions for storage. The insulation protects the inner environment from swings in temperature and keeps the inside conditions ambient. This is a big advantage.

Also, there are pest control regimes in place, and unless the user brings the pest with them when transporting the goods it’s highly unlikely that any contamination of the contents of the storage unit will happen during the storage period.

Self Storage Rental Periods

Whether chosen for long-term or short-term storage, only one month’s notice period is required. This is a big advantage as, with no restrictions, self storage serves the user very well.

Arranging a rental is also very easy and can be done by phone or online. Access is immediate after payment and key holders are limited to whom the renter chooses.

With the three size options that Stop & Store Penrith offers, there is sure to be a suitable one for all. Being just off the A66 near Penrith also means that the storage facility is extremely accessible and can be used as and when needed.

This modern storage facility is well-secured with the latest technology and security monitoring. If you would like to rent a self storage unit, use the link below or call us and we will be very happy to hear from you.

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