Self storage units may have been around for a few decades, and the rise in their popularity is directly due to the convenience they offer. Nowadays self storage units are to be found in most towns and cities across the UK.

Undoubtedly the extra space they offer is the benefit that commercial users, homeowners, students, and general renters are finding useful to them.

The flexibility offered through the provision of units of multiple sizes, location, and ease of access, indoor or outdoor choices, and high security levels all contribute to the product we call self storage .

As a local self storage facility in Penrith, Stop & Store Penrith strive to offer the best storage experience for our customers, combining all the key elements to ensure satisfaction and safety.

Before making your choice of storage facility in your area, take a note of some of the questions you need to ask before hiring one.

When Do You Need a Storage Unit?

Self storage units are widely available and accessible for the purpose of storage. When you are surrounded by goods that are in the way or you don’t have space for things at home or in your business, self storage will be the answer to your challenge.

Renting a storage unit can be a temporary arrangement such as when you are relocating or fixing up your house or long term when you simply need cheap extra space for a sustained period.

The safety and security provided by self storage gives homeowners and business owners the peace of mind that what is stored inside a unit is protected. This is particularly important when considering that valuable goods could be targeted by unscrupulous people who may want to steal.

But the big advantage of self storage units is the fast turnaround from making an enquiry to being in a position to occupy a unit. This process can take place the same day, which is a huge advantage when you need storage in a hurry. Its also especially useful when you need to clear space quickly.

Space is often taken up by items that are used infrequently. In many instances, it is impractical to get rid of these items. These could be seasonal things, like sports equipment, a boat, or holiday home contents that you want to keep secure.

Given that self storage is one of the most affordable ways to store your goods, it seems logical that self storage units should be your first choice when you need to store anything.

What to Look For

Your first interaction with the storage facility is always your go-to indication of the professionalism of the business. Friendly yet professional staff who sounds eager and motivated is always an indicator that a business is well-run and will look after a customer’s interests.

Access and location are the next factors to consider. Look at the position of the self storage unit and is it suitable and decide if it’s within reach. Next, ask about the loading and unloading access so that you know what will be required when you arrive with a truck full of possessions that need to be stored.

You would expect a top self storage facility to use a modern security system that has CCTV cameras that are monitored day and night. You’d also expect access control of the premises to ensure that there are no unwanted “guests” that snoop around the storage facility.

In these days of technology, it shouldn’t be necessary for you to have to go to the storage facility to book a unit. Therefore, ask about the process or look online and read reviews on the storage facility website. A professional outfit will have a sophisticated booking system that is socially distanced and allows remote bookings to be made electronically.

Price will be one of your big considerations, as you would not wish to pay more than necessary. Progressive storage providers actively market their storage facilities to make the facility attractive to customers. This frequently involves offering “specials”, which in effect are discounts for limited periods. Look out for these and make use of them where you can.

It takes a lot of effort to build up a solid reputation. One bad review reverberates around the community, and so it’s important that you check this out. To assess the reputation of the self storage unit providers you shortlist, look online at reviews, or ask around in your community. This is sure to give you an accurate picture.

As you may want staff to assist you when you occupy a unit, find out what the office hours are and when staff will be in attendance. Obviously, you’d want access whenever you need it so ensure this is covered in your enquiry before you book a unit.

Often you can judge whether a business takes pride in their storage facility by looking at aspects of maintenance and cleanliness of the storage facility. If you have a chance, take note of this as it is a useful indicator of the way the business is run.

Ask about pest control procedures because you don’t want any risk of vermin, cockroaches or any other pests infiltrating your unit and getting into your stored goods. A top-class storage facility will have a regular pest control regime that they have put in place that can assure you of safety from damage by pests.

You want a dry atmosphere where there will be no chance of moisture getting into your unit. The weather-resistance of storage units therefore assumes a high degree of importance in choosing the storage facility you finally choose.

Lastly ask yourself “What is your gut feel?”. This is often the deciding factor once you have had all your questions answered. Then make your choice!

When You Want the Best…

Stop & Store Penrith are on hand to answer all your questions. We are sure that all the criteria that make up a top self storage facility are offered by our Company.

We are well situated on the outskirts of Penrith, and booking a unit online is quick and easy. Connect to us at or through our Facebook page.

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