Whether it’s for business of home, self storage units are a wonderful way to help you when you need space. There are many reasons why people need space, whether it’s for short-term or long-term, and the freedom that self storage provides is simply stunning.

The big surprise with renting a self storage unit is that it takes no effort at all, and can be arranged at very short notice. So, if you are in trouble and you need to store something quickly, simply locate a self storage facility nearby, and make the call.

Given the affordable price of self storage units and the ease with which it can be done, it’s little wonder that these storage facilities are so well supported. You may even be surprised to find that all the self storage units are full and that there is a waiting period. This could indicate to you that its wise to book early, when you realize that you need help with storage and a self storage unit will do the trick.

In our case at Stop & Store Fareham the mere fact that we are conveniently located in town makes our location very well used, as it has been over the years, and we enjoy and excellent reputation for giving our guests the secure storage experience they are looking for.

To what Instance is Self Storage Suited?

The answer to this question is any instance. No matter what you need self storage for, simply having your own secure space that you can frequent and store your goods at such a cheap price is an absolute advantage over anything else.


Imagine you are running a business and you get a huge order. The stock is on its way, and you have nowhere secure to put it. It’s enough to cause a sleepless night. Stock is valuable, can easily be stolen, needs space. You can’t keep it in the office area, it’s not made for that.

Solution? Get on the phone right away. If it’s Stop & Store Fareham, we get you the unit within a few hours, just follow a few simple steps. Then send the truck straight to the self storage facility where the access is designed for ease of use, and the action of offloading is made as easy as possible. We are geared up for it, it’s our business. Most of all the stock is now quite safe. In addition, you have sole access and can now get on with the job of distribution as and when you need to.

On the domestic front, things may not go your way and you find that there is an urgent need to store your stuff- a crisis, maybe a breakup, you have got to get out, or an illness or worse than that, and you must protect possessions while you sort matters out.

Self storage to the rescue, it’s a life saver. Your commitment is a month only, no deposit payable either. It’s a bargain of a lifetime.

You Are on the Move

When your business needs more office space, the action of a move to bigger premises will be filled with extra costs. Instead of a clogged office with staff in cramped conditions, make it easy for yourself by freeing up space that is occupied by stock and equipment.

Renting a self storage unit is infinitely cheaper than having to do the big move, and it won’t upset operations in the process.

Back home, self storage is a boon when moving or traveling. Renting self storage units frees you up and allows you some breathing space. Imagine having all your possessions safely tucked away at a storage facility while you are on the move. For travelers there is peace of mind knowing your goods are safe. For those moving, it gives you flexibility to rent before you buy, if you need time to look around the new place.

You can pack up at your own pace and even do it in a step wise fashion if it suits you. Step one, clean up the house to make it look good and uncluttered for sale, step two, put everything into storage while in transit. Self storage acts as your stepping stone during the process of a move, making your life much easier.

This guaranteed security is much greater than if you were simply to leave your possessions in an unattended home.

Well Suited for Students

Students starting out in life are keen to accumulate enough furniture and appliances to start their road to independence. They are also keen to travel and explore the world, taking gap years and doing short work assignments.

A self storage unit is an ideal support for their aspirations: once moved out of home, students often want permanent independence, so storing their goods at home isn’t a preferred option. Also, moving in an out of student residences over holidays also is a hassle, and by storing their possessions in a nearby self storage unit, this problem is sorted.

Excess for Storage

Self storage is also suited for situations that involve occasions where there the space to store is not sufficient for items or they may be in the way. This happens when downsizing takes place, or when you purchase new items and need storage of the old, or even when seasonal equipment is in the way.

Also when a deceased estate needs to be dealt with and you want to keep the goods securely, storing them safely in a self storage unit is a very affordable option.

Stop & Store Fareham offer a range of storage units sizes. We like to treat our customers with care and make storage a great experience when you store with us.

We are centrally situated in Thackeray Mall, in Unit C on the first Floor in Fareham. This storage facility is well situated to serve the communities of Fareham, Porchester, and the surrounding areas. You have access to your unit from 8am and 8pm, seven days a week using your PIN code.

Please contact us at 01329 556174 for more information.

Look at https://www.stopandstore.co.uk/ for more information and don’t hesitate to visit us when you are in the area.