The very last thing you need when you are renovating is for all your household possessions to be ruined in the process. As some renovation can take from 4-6 weeks, this is a long time to live with noise and dust. And in the process you want to know that the contents of your home don’t get messed up.

Stop & Store Fareham is your solution. Our storage units are an obvious way to save your possessions from becoming ruined during the renovation process.

The logistics of undertaking a house renovation are many and complicated. Well, we’ve just helped you solve the first problem: self storage to get everything out of the way while the renovations are going on.

The beauty of self storage at Stop & Store Fareham is that units can be hired for short periods and can easily be extended when there are delays. And there will be!

Renovations are full of unplanned surprises, and hopefully a pleasant one at the end when they are complete.

Renovations: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Famous last words indeed.

Many a renovation have revealed unplanned and nasty surprises that were not expected. Most of them cost extra money and time to fix, so let’s unpack what they could be:

Old Plumbing and Electrics

This, unfortunately, is a common problem. Perhaps even budget for replacing certain elements beforehand. If the house was built more than 60 years ago, as many are, plumbers used galvanized piping. These get blocked up over time, and nowadays PVC is preferred. So, plan for this as these old pipes may have to be replaced.

The same goes for electrics, where wiring was there to accommodate older appliances. Nowadays we have all kinds of gadgets and lighting in our houses, with the result that electrical wiring in houses is far more sophisticated.

Plan for these changes, as safe wiring is also a way to sleep well at night rather than worrying about electrical problems.

Water damage

The problem with water damage is that it tends to get into places that are not noticeable until you start renovating. A leaking pipe could cause seepage into walls or wood, causing rot and mould. Often a leak in the roof will slow drip onto the ceiling and on close inspection, the whole area needs replacing.

This type of damage demands immediate inspection, as it is no good carrying on with the new until the old is fixed.

Bad workmanship

Another headache sometimes experienced is the discovery of bad workmanship from a previous renovation or home improvement. Many a DIY job has been done to spruce up a house for resale and shortcuts have been taken in doing so. Our advice is simple: bash it out and replace it, because you can’t create something good on something bad. Sorry to tell you, but this is something to look out for.

Structural cracks

We can almost see your jaw drop when the builder tells you he’s discovered a foundation fault. This is a big problem, fortunately not experienced often. It happens in old houses where the soil substrate has disturbed foundations, or the cement used was inferior.

Either way it requires a lot of work, the extent of which will determine the course of action, from an injection of new supports, to a whole new foundation itself.

So, Back to Storage Options.

Let’s see what options are available.

Hire a storage unit

This great option is the most used one when house renovating. You can clear out all your possessions and put them in a safe place. If you need anything during the renovation, simply pop down to Stop & Store Fareham, and as the sole key holder, simply open your unit and get what you  need.  Selecting a storage unit should be based on a few factors: the ease of loading or unloading, the proximity to you, and the size and cost offerings. Ensure that you take a unit of adequate size particularly if you are going to store your furniture in one.

Finding Space in the House to Store

This may seem the most obvious thing to do. That is if you have the space. But many homes don’t have unused extra space, and normally the two options that are safest, the garage and basement are already full.

Of course, it depends on how much of the house you are renovating, and the duration and complexity of the planned assignment. Our experience is that sometimes its better to get everything out of the way, find yourself a room you can live in during the renovations and be comfortable there.

It is certainly a better option than to squash everything into every available empty space and be totally cramped in the process.

The other option is to store with family and friends. This is fine until you go over your deadline, as renovations mostly do, and your host starts to get irritated with the imposition. So, maybe best avoid this one.

A Few Useful Tips for Storage During Renovation

If you are packing your goods into boxes, remember to label them. This makes finding things so much easier to find if you need them during the renovation.

Store the things you definitely wont be needing during the renovation towards the back of the storage unit. These will include furniture and seasonal goods that you use occasionally.

Make space in the form of pathways between all your stuff, so that you have easy access. There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to reach somethings because there is a pile of things in the way.

Storage answers when Renovating

We have given you the solution for your renovation-period storage. Stop & Store is here to help you overcome one of the major hurdles of doing a renovation: the safekeeping of your household possessions.

Come and go whenever you want to load or offload what you need. Our hours are 8am to 8pm.

Your goods are easily accessible if you need something from your storage unit.

In addition, there are always deals offered by Stop and Store Fareham, giving you flexibility and storage at a price to suit your pocket.