Let’s face it, being a student isn’t easy, in fact, it’s one of the most stressful times of your life. Making it just a bit easier is a huge bonus. At Stop and Store UK, we are just a few minutes away from the Wirral University Teaching Hosptial and its students. We have been helping students make their lives easier for decades, so let us explain how.

Self Storage and Student Life

De-Clutter Your Dorm

Working with about 100 sq ft is hard enough. Now try and pack your entire life into it and then some. For some students, a cluttered desk means a cluttered mind and it can be hard to work and focus in that kind of environment. So let’s make it just a bit easier, by renting a storage unit, you can take everything you don’t use daily and store it away. Suitcases, bikes, seasonal clothes, anything you can think of. Having this extra space can be what you need to focus on.

Travel Light

Moving back home for summer? Well, look no further than self storage. You can waste hundreds of dollars shipping your items back and forth between Gainesville and your home city, or store it with us for a low cost. With total security, your items will be waiting for your safe and sound when you arrive back.

Side Cash

You are resourceful as a student, you may have a side business to make some extra cash. So why not use a self storage locker as your new business HQ. Store all your inventory with us and come and go as you please. No need to fill your dorm with products, some halls also have restrictions on running a business. Choose self storage to make your side hustle work for you.

Stop and Store UK is the number 1 self storage option for students. Contact Us today!