Imagine having a great idea and but having nowhere to carry it out. Your idea maybe for a business, a hobby or to express the creative urges within you. What great ideas need is a place for them to happen. And this place is often in the form of space for storage or space to work on your idea.

This is where a self storage rental steps into the limelight. Self storage has such a multitude of uses, and at a price that is most affordable, it’s little wonder that they are springing up everywhere and are becoming so well used.

While many of us think of self storage rentals when we are cleaning out our attics, basements or garages,  the storage units have a far greater scope to offer. The need is likely to be created when space is needed at home. Visitors are coming to stay for a while and the house is too cluttered, a baby is on the way and a room needs to be prepared for the event, these are common occasions for getting a self storage rental.

At Stop & Store Fareham our clients sign up for a self storage rental for a wide range of uses. We have noticed an upturn in users who are finding a self storage rental works for their creative side and is not necessarily driven by having to find place for clutter at home.

Creative Uses for Self Storage

Selecting a self storage rental for the use in a hobby or creative interest is ideal mainly because of its uniqueness. It is away from the hurly burly of daily life, quiet and secure. It is designed to keep its contents safe for the user, while at the same time offering the solitude users are looking for when carrying out activities that require concentration and skill. What are some of the common creative or hobby ideas?

Auction and Online Buying and Selling

A fun hobby is attending auctions and scouring online portals in the hope of securing good deals. Part of the fun could include fixing the items up, thereby adding value and reselling them to make a profit. It can be perceived as a good way to make some extra cash, and although not all purchases are worthy of big profit margins, it’s a pastime that can support a lifestyle for the hobbyist.

The challenge is where to store them when they are acquired. The advantage offered by self storage rentals is the benefit of being able to display them in the storage unit, where customers can come and view them. Loading and offloading is also very convenient as a storage unit is designed to make this easy.

As we will see later, the affordability of a self storage unit makes the whole business practical as it’s not a big overhead in the budget of the user. Goods can safely be kept in there until they are sold.

A Studio for the Artistically Inclined

As a creative person, and artist needs space to focus and spread their wings. Whether it’s painting or pottery the materials used in the process need space. Imagine having easels or pottery kilns at home. It’s not an option because they take a lot of space. This is why artists favour the privacy of a self storage rental to ply their trade and work unencumbered in peace.

In this way, they can have a dedicated studio, at the cost of a cheap storage rental available to them while they get on with their work. Here it’s the ideal place to be able to concentrate on being creative with all the tools of the trade at their fingertips. When they have finished for the day, they simply lock the door till next time!

Storing Collectables

Seasoned collectors of items of interest go to great lengths to increase their collections, always being on the hunt for one that may be worth a fortune one day. Some collectables like stamps or coins may hold their value, others that are more whimsical may not. Whatever the item is, they require storage space to hold and display them. As the collection increases in value, so the security issue becomes more important. This is why self storage rental is one of the favoured options for collectables.

Sewing and Crafting

The equipment needed for setting up a sewing or crafting hobby is quite extensive. So much so that fitting a die machine, sewing machines and all the materials associated with the making creations needs a lot of space.

In addition, hobbyists would need ample tabletops to work on as patterns and rolls of cloth can be bulky. Therefore, many crafters use a self storage unit for this purpose, setting up their activities in one and being able to work peacefully for hours.

Your Sports Equipment Storage

Sports enthusiasts and participants have a good deal of expensive sports equipment that they need in pursuing their sports activities. Whether it’s cycling, canoeing, boating, or skiing, it’s worth a lot to the owner, and it needs to be secure when not in use.

What is useful about a self storage rental is the convenience it offers for the storage of sports equipment. The range of unit sizes offered by a storage facility, in the case of Stop & Store Fareham from 12 sq ft to 200 sq ft, which means that there is a size to suit all sports.

Two of the most important features of the facility are:

Secure Access

At Stop & Store access is given to the holder of the unit. So, when doing a storage rental, you are assured of not having restricted access, as you are the sole keyholder to your unit.


As the contents of your storage rental are likely to have a high value, the top priority of a self storage rental is security. Therefore, insist on the presence of CCTV cameras and monitoring. Once this is in place you have no need to worry any further.

No Hidden Costs

Be sure to get a quote from the storage rental company before you move in, as you would not want to be hit by extra costs at the end of the month. At Stop & Store, the price we quote is the price you pay.

Simply call us or email us for a quote.

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