Any sort of home renovations can prove very stressful. Besides for living with dust and noise during the renovation, there will be the very good chance that your precious household furniture and other belongings will get damaged. As renovations can take from a few weeks to dragging on for many months depending on the scope of the job you are undertaking, it may prove to be an option to hire a self-storage facility to keep your goods out of harm’s way. Stop & Store Great Yarmouth self storage units.

Stop & Store Great Yarmouth self storage could be your solution to keeping your possessions safe during your renovations. Undertaking a house renovation while still having your furniture in the house could prove a problem which may be easily solved by placing them in storage for the duration of your renovation.

The more time you spend planning your renovation, the more successful it will be. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind to keep your renovation on budget and as stress-free as possible.

  • An architect or a designer will be able to help you draw up the budget you will need to cover the rooms you wish to renovate. Expect the unexpected when budgeting for a renovation as often unanticipated expenses occur. Budget an extra 10 – 15% for these unforeseen items.
  • Once you have decided which parts of the renovation are the most important, start on these and try to complete them to avoid half-finished projects in your house. Save yourself some money by choosing the must-haves over the nice-to-have projects.
  • Choose your contractors carefully, inspect their past work and check their references. This could save you some major heartache down the line.

Here are some practical tips to save you money while you are busy with your renovations as costs can quickly run out of control.

  • You can reuse and recycle materials such as painting your existing kitchen cupboards instead of buying new ones. Buying building materials from your local salvage yard or Marketplace websites can save you money too.
  • Carry out as much of the unskilled work yourself as possible. You pay tradesmen by the hour, no matter how unskilled the tasks are, so prepare the workspaces for the crew before they arrive in the morning. Clean walls and floors yourself and do the basic painting and prep work. Obviously, you cannot do any electrical work or work on the utilities, as these jobs need a licensed operator.
  • Buy your big-ticket items by using the online sales, for example the sales around Black Friday. You can save a heap of money by buying appliances at the right time.
  • List the kitchen appliances you are replacing online on Marketplace or other buy/sell sites which will recoup some money if you sell them. If your cabinets and fixtures you are replacing are in fair condition, you may be able to sell these too, either at a garage sale or online.

Storage Options

Let’s see what options are available.

Finding Space in Your House

This may seem the most obvious thing to do and will work if you have the space. But many homes don’t have unused extra space, and often the two options, the garage and basement are already full.

Of course, this depends on how much of the house you are renovating, and the duration and complexity of your plans. Our experience is that sometimes it’s better to have everything out of the way to keep your belongings from being damaged.

If your furniture and belongings are stored randomly all over the place, it makes it very difficult for the renovation to proceed in an orderly fashion, and for the builders and other tradesmen to work around the mess.

Store with Family or Friends

This option could work until you go over your deadline, as renovations mostly do, and your host starts to get irritated with the imposition. So, maybe better to avoid this one!

Hire a self storage unit at Stop & Store Great Yarmouth

This is a great option to use when renovating your home. You can clear out the possessions from the rooms you are renovating and put them in a safe place. If you need anything during the renovation, you can pop down to Stop & Store Great Yarmouth, and as the sole key holder, simply open your unit and get what you need.  Selecting a storage unit should be based on a few factors: the ease of loading or unloading, the proximity to you, the size of the unit, and whether it is cost-effective. Ensure that you take a unit of adequate size particularly if you are going to use it to store your furniture.

A Few Tips for Optimizing Your Self-Storage Unit During Renovation

  • The best boxes to use are plastic storage boxes that stack on top of each other. Please remember to label your boxes to make unpacking easier.
  • Store the items you definitely won’t be needing during the renovation towards the back of the storage unit. These will include furniture and the seasonal goods like camping equipment or sports goods that you use occasionally.
  • Pack your boxes in such a way that you have access to the ones at the back. You will find it frustrating if you are unable to reach something because there is a pile of boxes in the way.

Storage Solutions During Home Renovations

Using a self storage unit at Stop & Store Great Yarmouth self storage helps you overcome the problem of putting your household possessions at risk of damage while renovating. We offer affordable and secure storage in modern steel units that are clean and dry to keep your precious household belongings safely.

You can load and offload your goods at your convenience during our hours which are 8am to 8pm, seven days a week. You receive your own PIN to access our facility, which is fully secured with a monitored CCTV. The individual units are alarmed. Our units come in sizes up to 200 sq. ft. so there is a size to suit everyone.

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