If you are a business and you need more space. You have two real options, buy a new warehouse or expand your current one. Well at Stop and Store Wapping we believe that there is a third option. We think that instead of wasting countless pounds on building a new warehouse, just rent a storage unit.

Self Storage or Warehouse?

We have every size storage unit you need. From small to large, even climate controlled units!

Building A New Warehouse

  • You should expect to pay around £90 per square foot to build a new warehouse. That gets into the hundreds of thousands of pounds really quickly.
  • High Utilities cost due to the large space, which normally is not insulated very well.
  • Months of waiting for permits, and materials and construction. Not including inevitable delays, time is money and you are losing it.
  • Loans and interest add up really quickly. If you need to take out £150,000 to build a warehouse, your loan could be 30 years!

Renting Self Storage

  • Our business storage options are far cheaper, and we have even better long term rates.
  • We include all utilities in our rentals. We even have climate controlled units for your more sensitive items.
  • Move in now. No waiting around, if you need space for your business, we have it. Move in today.
  • We do month to month contracts with better rates for long term storage. Call us today to get a free quote!

Running a business is a complex thing, don’t let the cost of storage make it even harder. Building a warehouse is a very long term solution to a possibly short term problem. Choosing self storage for you business is the best choice in many cases. At Stop and Store Wapping we love our business owners big and small. Come be a part of the Wapping Storage team and get your business off the ground today!