It’s surprising how often we hear things about self storage that people “heard from a friend”. Most of these things are totally untrue, but nonetheless, we hear them quite often. So let Stop and Store UK debunk some self storage myths.

Totally Untrue Storage Myths

Every industry has its myths and self storage is no different.

1. “You can store anything in your unit”

Nope, wrong. There are many things that almost all self storage facilities do not allow to be stored. This ranges from flammable things, explosive, live animals, people, and plants.

2. “Self storage units are dirty”

If you think this one is true, then you haven’t rented a storage unit in a long time. Many self storage places pride themselves on the cleanliness of their units. This is true for Stop and Store Wapping. Once a tenant moves out, we give the unit a thorough cleaning.

3. “You can live inside a unit”

No, no no no. Not in ours at least. Besides a host of reasons, the main one being, it’s very unsafe. Sleeping inside a unit, with little airflow is never a good idea. It’s also a major liability. If you accidentally burn down the place because you were trying to cook something, we aren’t covered. Storage is for things, not people.

4. “You don’t need storage insurance”

Many people think that self storage is so secure insurance is unnecessary. Well, we are here to tell you that insurance doesn’t only cover the obvious. It’s there to cover the unexpected, a burst water pipe, fire, or someone drives a truck through the wall. You will be glad you have contents insurance when you need it.

We have a ton more myths to come, but for now, we covered the major ones. Remember if you need self storage, Stop and Store Wapping is the place for you.