One of the most popular ways to explore the Lake District is on a bike. Cycling is an extremely popular method of traveling around the area to explore the sights that the area has to offer. Cycling is encouraged by the authorities as a way to keep the amount of traffic and carbon emissions to a minimum. The whole family, young and old can explore this way, and bikes can be stored in the vicinity for use by all. As with any piece of equipment, bikes need to be looked after and should always be checked after use to ensure they function correctly next time. But where do you keep your bike when your holiday is over? Storing bicycles in self-storage is the easiest option. Bike Storage Penrith.

Common problems faced by cyclists are:

  • Faulty brakes can cause unnecessary accidents.
  • Gears with defective alignment causing the chain to come off its cogs.
  • Rust and wear and tear from use.

DIY checklist to maintain your bike

Frame and general condition of your bicycle or mountain bike should include the following steps:

Keeping your bike in good condition requires you to inspect the working parts regularly. Just cleaning it after every time it’s used should help keep it looking like new. A simple procedure involving a cloth and soapy water should do the trick. Starting with the frame and the forks in particular pay special attention to any buildup of mud or grit in these areas.

It is easiest to work on your bike when its upside down. It’s easy to do your own maintenance on your bike and keep it in good condition before you store it for use on the next trip. Besides keeping your bike clean, make sure the gears are working properly and the brake settings are set to give you good braking. Get a set of tools to be able to change a chain, put on new brake pads or remove a crank.  These tools and parts could include the following:

  • A tyre lever with some replacement inner tubes, a puncture kit and a tyre pump
  • A chain splitter and some spare chain links
  • Allen wrench and screwdriver set and spoke adjuster.
  • Spray bike lubricants

Quad bikes storage Penrith

A quad bike is a fun way to travel and see nature with someone close to you. With the wind in your face, a quad bike can help you explore places that are difficult to access on other forms of wheels. It’s a set of wheels that you’d like to keep on standby when you need them and being quite bulky to transport, so easier to leave at a holiday home or put into a secure place when not in use, rather than bringing it home on a trailer each time.

A quad bike that is reliable and functions well is one that is looked after properly, as quad bikes require constant care and maintenance even more so than a car or motorbike. This is because a quad bike often goes into muddy places and over bumpy surfaces.  These conditions cause corrosion and degradation to take place at a faster rate than normal.

Before storage and the next time you use your quad bike, get it thoroughly checked, with routine parts inspected and repaired if necessary. Find a local service agent in the area. If you don’t have one on hand, then you will have to do the maintenance yourself. Here are some checks that will help you keep your quad bike in good working order:


Immediately after use, especially through mud, wash the mud off the chains and brakes and allow to dry. If you use a pressure washer only use a low-pressure washer to clean these parts, as they are sensitive to damage. Inspect the drum brakes on a quad bike on a regular basis as well as the condition of the chains. Use the correct chain lubricant, following the instructions on how best to use it. Ensure the chain tension is correct and chains are free of rust.

Air and Oil Filters

These two very easy-to-change items always, if dirty, influence the running of your quad bike. So, a good idea is to have a few of each at hand and relace whenever they get dirty. Which is often. You will be pleasantly surprised how much better your quad bike runs when it has new filters. While you are doing the oil filter, check the condition of the engine oil. If it’s an inky black and dirty it needs a change too.

Usually, an oil filter needs changing after 15-20 hours of driving, but it depends on the model, so check the owner’s manual for instructions. Air filters can run for longer periods up to 500 miles before getting clogged up and needing cleaning or replacement.

Either way, it’s an idea to pay special attention to both before packing up your quad bike for storage.

Check Loose Working Parts

All the jolts and bumps can cause working parts to become loose, which means that next trip something could come loose, and you could be hurtling into long grass unexpectedly! Check your brake handles, wheels, sprockets, and small working parts before you put your quad into storage.

Secure Storage for Bikes, Cycles at Penrith

Save yourself the trouble of hitching up your quad bikes, mountain bikes or bicycles every time you need to explore the Lake District by self-storing in a secure Stop & Store self storage unit in Penrith. With easy access off the A66 its amazingly simple to arrange the rental of a self-storage unit from us. It can be done from the comfort of your home or office, wherever you are. Just send us your details and we will send you the contract form to sign. All this is done online including the return to us, with no scanning or emailing needed on your part.

With contracts running a month at a time, you can take a unit for long term or short-term occupation.

Call us today for a no-obligation quotation on 01768 800291 and speak to a friendly Stop & Store staff member regarding bike storage in Penrith.