With the migration out of the cities, Farham is a great place to live if you are thinking of moving to a smaller place. Situated between Portsmouth and Southampton, it offers many great residential options for those seeking a great work from home location. Helped by major development some 5 decades ago, Fareham is an area which includes lovely towns like Titchfield, Catisfield, Porcester and Funtley.

The phenomenon of working from home is likely to be a trend that will continue for the considerable future. Homeowners are finding that country locations offer a great respite from the hurly-burly of the cities.

Overheads tend to be much lower, house prices a lot cheaper, these all help reduce the harshness experienced as a result of the economic conditions experienced in 2020. These economic conditions have affected most people, and many are finding that they need to re-invent themselves in business as a result.

Stop & Store self-storage has a significant role to play in the modern economy of Fareham as we assist homeowners and businesses who are relocating or downsizing. Self-storage is a very cost effective and convenient way to keep goods in storage while doing so.

What is the Modern Economy?

As most of us strive to increase our wealth, work hard and improve our lives, the events of 2020 have woken up to the reality that working conditions are not the same as before. Long periods that have resulted in lockdowns and working from home have caused insecurities and uncertainty.

The modern economy means that the cities may well change in character. As downtown offices become vacant, they may be more suited for low cost housing or boarding establishments for students.

Modern shopping centres could change their character altogether, while the opportunity to “green up” city areas, using solar power into more cost affordable community areas could occur.

Out of the bad has come good and we have had time to think about others, get closer to the family, and ask ourselves what we really want out of life.

Many have gone the extra mile for others by

  • Donating some of their wealth for food or other necessities to charities that help the less fortunate
  • Others have chosen to volunteer to work at food kitchens for the poor
  • Going local was a big trend, bringing life back into their local community and supporting local industry and farmers.
  • Employers have had to manage pay cuts in order to retain and look after staff.
  • Essential workers have emerged as the unheralded heroes in communities.

It’s been a learning curve for everyone.

Why Choose Fareham to Live? 

The great thing about Fareham is that you are near to two large cities, and it has a family orientated way of life. So, you can have a countryside feel, but be near to all the mod-cons you have been used to.

If you are wondering about property, you can certainly find excellent value in Fareham. There is a wide range of housing choices. These include Victorian villas, Georgian townhouses and other buildings of architectural interest. If modern is what you are looking for, there are upmarket homes and architect designed houses to choose from.

The continuous growth of Fareham in no way has changed the countryside atmosphere.

Some of main considerations in re-establishing oneself in the modern economy are:

  • Does Fareham offer good value for money?
  • Can I work from home, and are their jobs in the area?
  • Are there good schools and other amenities?

There is a range of housing for everyone, so finding a suitable place to live is easy. There are many IT and Tech companies in these areas, and established companies that offer business or employment opportunities. IBM is based in the area, while Jobsitrnis is in Havant.

The other advantage is that Chichester and West Sussex are within easy reach where there is a lot of tech business and the Surrey tech and security companies are also in easy reach.

Finding a place to live depends on your family situation and budget. Here are some options:

Gosport is known to be a high traffic area, while Porchester is a great family place. If you are looking for more upmarket, Whiteley, is a newer area offering a nice range of shopping centre restaurants and cinemas and has something for everyone in the family.

The areas of Warsash, Locks Heath, Parkgate, Titchfield all have excellent schools, with many different activities going on for the young ones. These areas are also very accessible to the motorway if you need to move around.

Moving and Self-Storage 

During this time of uncertainty, self-storage is one sure way to give you peace of mind. Consider a few scenarios when looking to relocate:

  • You run a small business with stock. Self-storage offers you an excellent option to store your finished stock while you decide to move.
  • When you move, you may decide to rent a furnished apartment and look around before you buy. Self-storage offers you an excellent way of keeping your possessions safe while you look around to buy in Fareham
  • When you move, you may be downsizing and have too much furniture. Instead of selling it, why not hold on to it until you can make a permanent arrangement for it.

Stop & Store is conveniently situated in Fareham and offers excellent accessibility to its storage units.

We cater for all sizes of storage unit from 12 sq feet to 200 sq feet. This will provide you with the solution to your relocation-period storage problems. Stop & Store has closed circuit TV monitors for the safety of our client’s possessions. As the sole key holder only, you have access to your unit.

You can come and go when you like as access is 24/7 from 8am to 8pm. You can collect anything you may need in storage whenever you require.

You can be assured that all your possessions are safe and kept in a pest controlled, dry environment.

Look for any deals offered by Stop and Store Fareham and contact us whenever you need self-storage.

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