Wine storage is one of the most important considerations for a wine collector. This is because bad storage decisions can spoil all the value that the collector is trying to achieve. Of all the storage considerations, self storage offers a good storage option for the storage of wines.

Wine collectors make a significant investment in their wine collection. Each wine collected has a story behind it, one that could be told around the dinner table, sometime in the future. This implies that wine, particularly red wine, is bought to keep for a special occasion, and the temptation to drink it is delayed until then.

It means that storage of wine must be done in ideal conditions, and one of the more reliable storage options for a wine collector is self storage. Secure storage will help the wine collector accumulate a fine collection of wines over a period. In ideal storage conditions such as these, the wines will develop to their full potential.

Our self storage units at Stop & Store Penrith are insulated, providing ideal conditions and an environment that is well-suited for the storage of wines. We get as much satisfaction as wine collectors do knowing their wine collections are safe with us.

For wine collectors building a wide section of different wines takes time to assemble, while choosing the varieties available from different wineries, tasting them, and buying the ones that they would like to keep in their collection. Each wine can be described differently, as they display individual nuances in taste, colour, and smell.

Let’s find out why those wines need to be able to develop in good storage conditions.

Storage Conditions for Wine

Poorly stored wine can be a disaster for the wine collector. Choosing a storage area that is exposed to fluctuations in temperate and humidity can be disastrous for the wine. Therefore, the decision as to where the wine collection is to be stored shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Those who have been negligent have paid the price, and the storage conditions should include temperate stability, humidity management, no exposure to light, and stable conditions, which is why self storage gets the nod.

Self storage can be a perfect solution for the storage of wine for many reasons:

  • Temperature regulation is offered by insulated self storage units. Climate-controlled units cost more, and the extra cost needs to be evaluated and compared with an insulated unit. It will also depend on the ambient conditions where you are. For example, storing wine in extremely hot climates may need this.
  • Dedicated Private Space
    Wine collectors can expect complete privacy in a space dedicated to their collection. This means that the wine collection lies uninterrupted with no possibility of being exposed to light unnecessarily.
    This is a big advantage to many other storage spaces, particularly in a home full of families. In this way, the wine collection can develop to its full potential and of course, grow in value.
  • Unit Size Options
    Wine enthusiasts and collectors that are looking to store their wine in self storage are offered a range of storage unit sizes to keep their wines securely stored. The advantage of this is that the wine collector ends up paying only for what is needed.
    Also, if the collection outgrows the size unit chosen, a trade-up can be done to a bigger-sized unit. The collection can be reduced or expanded as required, quite easily.
  • Secure Storage: a good wine collection is valuable, and in terms of security needs to be kept in a safe place. Safety is a priority of a self storage facility. With modern alarm and CCTV monitoring mechanisms, strict access controls, and tight security, self storage units are known for their good safety record. The door to the unit is under the wine collector’s control as the keys are with them.
  • Access hours and location are two key convenience aspects self storage offers the wine collector. Usually, the self storage opening and closing times are designed for the user’s suitability. It is an idea to seek a self-storage unit nearby in case of needing a bottle or two from time to time.

More about Storage and Wine

Wince collectors require a storage environment that will be kind to the wines that are in the collection. In turn, this will improve the quality of the wines and allow them to develop their character.

Remembering that wine is an actively improving product, it continues to develop in the bottle while it is resting in storage. It is a gradual process, some wines are capable of maturing for many years, while others are made for enjoyment earlier.

The wine itself is composed of various elements that are increasingly becoming in balance with themselves and reaching harmony. Tannins from skins, flavours of fruit from the grapes, and a touch of acidity all blend in good storage conditions.

In all, good storage ensures the complexity and quality of the wines are enhanced, making for increased value as they age and becoming more enjoyable when they are consumed.

  • Laying down Wines

    The cork of a wine bottle should always be moist and keep in contact with the wine inside the bottle. This is because when the cork becomes dry, it shrinks, and air can seep into the bottle. This results in the oxidization of the wine, meaning that it becomes undrinkable.

    So, a wine bottle with a cork should always be laid on its side. This also makes for an effective way to stack bottles when in storage, best store them in a wine rack, which also makes it easy to locate a bottle should it be needed.

    Should you be stimulated enough to become a wine collector, please remember that storage is crucial for the preservation of your wines.

If you need self storage look no further than Stop & Store. We offer a range of sizes and a perfect environment for your wine.

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