If you find that your normal storage spaces at home such as your garage, your attic, your basement, or even your spare room is cluttered with belongings that you only use occasionally or maybe at certain times of the year, it could be time to consider self-storage as an option to clear your space. Self Storage Clacton

Clutter in your house can become an issue particularly when you buy something new, and you find there is nowhere to store it.

Many of our possessions are only used occasionally, and it is the seasonal ones that come out when the seasons change, or before the festive season that tend to take up any extra space in our homes and that could be stored in self-storage when they are not in use.

The self-storage options recommended by Stop & Store Clacton self storage offers you an affordable option to solve your storage needs. Your seasonal items will be kept safe while freeing up extra space in your home.

Storing Winter Goods and Equipment

Here are some seasonal items that can be packed up for storage to make space in your home for your summer things.

  • Ski equipment, sleds, and skates that you won’t be needing until next winter.
  • Carefully pack up your Christmas decorations such as your trees, lights, and wreaths for safekeeping until next Christmas.

Storing Summer Goods and Equipment

These are some of the items that you can safely pack away until spring.

  • Gardening tools and equipment such as garden hoses, lawn trimmers and mowers that you won’t be required during the long cold winter months. Before you store them, give your equipment a thorough clean, oil if necessary, and pack them securely for storage.
  • A good tip is to put all the loose items like rakes, brooms etc. into a bucket or drum and keep them upright. It‘ll save a lot of space in your storage unit, and it will be easier to access when you need them.
  • Your summer holiday gear, like boating equipment, camping equipment, diving gear, surfboards and paddle skis can be safely stored in a self-storage unit. These large items are expensive and easily damaged if left outdoors or not stored properly, so self-storage is a great option to keep them safe until next spring.

Packing Your Seasonal Items

At Christmas time it is a tradition to decorate our homes to celebrate the festive spirit while we welcome friends and family. These Christmas decorations consisting of ornaments, lights, and maybe an artificial tree, will soon be packed away. It is important to pack these away safely so that they remain undamaged until you need them next Christmas.  Pack away your winter sporting and skiing equipment after your skiing holiday. This expensive equipment can be stored securely in one of our storage units to protect it from being damaged during the months it is not in use.

At the same time, your summer gear such as bulky camping equipment, surfboards, kayaks, and even bicycles that are used on your summer holidays, needs to be packed away until the following summer season. These items are pricey and need to be stored safely to avoid any damage.

These precious seasonal items need to be stored safely for those months of the year that they are not in use.

Hints to Storing Your Clothes, Summer or Winter

Here are some useful tips to ensure that your clothes are stored safely and remain in good condition.

  • Make sure your clothes are laundered and dried before storage. Dirty or damp clothes will attract mould, start to smell, and could even attract moths and other pests that could damage your clothes.
  • This also applies to shoes which should be clean and dry when stored.
  • While you may be tempted to vacuum seal your clothes, this is not a good idea. As clothes are made from natural fibres, they need air circulation to prevent them from deterioration. It will also result in your clothes coming out wrinkled if stored this way for any length of time.
  • One of the best types of container for storing clothes is a plastic bin. These can be stacked on top of each other and will keep your clothes in good condition. Your clothes will remain dry, mould free, and safe from any insects.
  • Never store clothes in plastic bags as these bags can deteriorate and leave your clothes in a jumbled mess. Plastic bags cannot be marked suitably so this would make it difficult to keep track of your belongings.
  • Keep a detailed inventory of everything that you store. This way you can access anything in your storage unit easily and quickly.
  • It is advisable for each family member to have their own storage bin for their clothes to keep everything from getting muddled.
  • A clothing rack on wheels is extremely useful for hanging your clothes to keep them in shape. It is ideal for your jackets, coats, dresses, and suits. Keep them protected in a garment bag, and ideally use some mothballs or pheromone strips to discourage the moths or insects from ruining your clothes.

The great thing about Stop & Store Clacton self storage is not only our ease of accessibility but also the range of storage solutions we offer you. The fact that you can store your seasonal items safely and inexpensively will give you so much extra space at home.

With our units varying in size from 12 sq ft to 200 sq ft, you can choose the one that will suit your needs. Our units are safe, dry, pest controlled and a perfect place for the storage of clothing, sporting goods, gardening tools, Christmas decorations and seasonal items that are in your way at home. The fact that we don’t bind you to a contract is an added advantage. You can hire storage space from 1 month to whatever period you need, and even up or downgrade unit size as you need.

Please contact us, Stop & Stop Clacton – self storage on Phone01255 446174. We look forward to hearing from you.