Besides its many uses, one big one is all the things that self storage can do for parents. From keeping your kids stuff to storing decorations, self storage really helps parents out by keeping the home clutter-free and preserving those special memories.

Self Storage Uses For Parents

Leaving For Uni

It is bound to happen at one point. The kids are set to leave for uni and they cannot bring all their things. What do you do with the old stuff? You could throw it away, but who wants to toss 18 years worth of memories away? Use self storage to keep those items safe while freeing up a room for whatever you want.

When Kids Come Home

So you have stored your kid’s things away, but now it’s the holidays and they are on the way home. Good thing you didn’t toss out that old mattress. Time to head to your storage place and grab those items they will need when they are spending some time at home. If you happened to turn that room into something else, you can easily just trade the items out for the things your kids will need. One of the biggest items you can store is the old mattress, they take up a lot of space and you only need them when the kids return home. Just make sure you store them properly.


Holidays come once a year, so why store those items for the other 364 days in your home? It takes up space and they can become damaged if you are having to constantly rearrange things. By using self storage you can be sure that your holiday items stay safe and are easily accessible when those days come around.

 Parents love self storage, and why shouldn’t they, it helps to keep things organized and allows you to treasure memories. Need a unit today? We have great discounts. Call Stop and Store Fareham now!